Friday, February 8, 2008

belated hat tip

In an effort to keep the post fairly anonymous, I neglected to mention that it was Richard who sent me the article for the Guess the Nationality post I did about the horse crapping in the bank foyer.

My apologies, Richard, for the oversight. Thanks for the forwards, I hope you will keep me on your list of recipients. :)

And it was his holiness, the honorable Rev. Reed Braden who guessed straight off that it was a German responsible for the genius idea of sleeping it off in the bank foyer.

Thanks to all who participated and Richard for the idea in the first place.


Protium said...

Ich bin meine Pferd Schei├če in Ihrer Bank traurig.

Freundlicher Respekt
Wolfgang Heinrich

Richard said...

tanks, F :)

Fiery said...

no probs, R


Tu es tellement mignon quand vous avez bu brandy!