Thursday, February 14, 2008

the love of Jebus

Life isn't fair.

The universe doesn't give two tiddlies if the random things that happen to us are deserved or not.

But Christians claim that there will be justice in the end. That we will stand before the Creator on Judgment Day and get what is coming to us.



Anonymous said...

sorry to drop in, but you've been tagged. (no obligation)

Protium said...

I love that cartoon... it's spot on.

It's scarey that a person who accepts supernatural myths created by people that had the wheelbarrow as an emerging technology, can be considered a better person than me!

...actually it drives me fuckin' batshit... fuckin' stupid deluded faithtard cunts!...

Thanks I feel better now :)

Stardust said...

I wrote about this subject at my blog not too long ago. I wrote about discussions I have had with Xians that went similar to this:

They tell me that I must "repent" before it's "too late."

"What do I have to repent for?"

"Repent and ask forgiveness of your sins!"

"What sins do I need to be forgiven for?"

(pause while they think of a response)

"Only you and god knows what you need to be forgiven for, but you need to accept Jesus
Christ as your Lord and Savior."

"To save me from what?"

"Eternal damnation."

"Why would a god damn me eternally? I am a good and kind person."

"Because being good isn't enough. You have to say the magic words before it's too late!"

(they don't really say it that way, but it's what they mean.)

Fiery said...

OzA- :) I'm flattered, and I'll get to your meme when I get back from a 2 day road trip.

Brotium- :D It's also interesting to watch the fundies squirm around the parts of the bible they no longer feel are relevant or need to be "reinterpreted" for the context we are living in today. I wonder if they were issued a secret decoder ring to know which verses to take literally and which are more of an analogy or even allegorical in nature.

Stardust- I love when they stretch the commandments into "if you've evver THOUGHT about another person lustfully you've committed adultery" only to turn around and flat out deny that there are "thought crimes".

wahhhhh wahhhhh I want my cake and I'm eating it too!!! waahhhhhh wahhhhHH!!!!!!!!!

Stardust said...

fiery, they never ask themselves WHY gawd made them with the ability to "lust" and have "impure thoughts". Yes, they want their cake and to eat it too, as you say.

They should do some thinking about a god who they say made man "in his image" and then damn all humans for having those traits they are born with. God believer's hold their expectations for human behavior and morals far ABOVE that of their god.
A god who creates humans with free will, but when they exercise that free will they are damned. When you start telling Xians stuff like that, they can't provide a good argument so get all emotional and accuse the atheist of "trying to take their Jeebus away."