Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Open Letter response to Glob: village idiot

This is in response to the various skid marks Glob left on this post Fundy Watch 2. For full context, feel free to stop by and help splash the shit from our pool. :)

Attention Glob: Village Idiot

Let me start by saying that when I meet people on my blog, I accept them as they present themselves. Why? Because I'm not trying to pick up young girls in a chat room, so I don't have to worry about any of you being FBI agents trying to get the goods on me.

You Glob could very well be a homosexual teenage Muslim male living in seclusion in India. But you present yourself as an adult male: probably under 45, married with a daughter AND a fundamentalist Christian. So don't give me any shit about not knowing who you are or how you approach life.

How about your assessment of me? Dawkins is my high priest? Fuck you Glob. Not even close. Which I've actually addressed to you before on my blog. But you couldn't be fucked reading it could you Glob? No. Why? Because it doesn't fit in with your fundy world view to see atheists as anything other than selfish, amoral, Darwin/Dawkins worshipping drones. It is you who know and have learned nothing about me.

Your words here speak for you, if you think your words here on my blog present you in a light other than how you've been treated or are perceived, do feel free to reference them and correct my (our) impression of you.

[Insert Glob's reply to my request not being worth his time and effort.]

The thing that pisses me off about talking to a fundy (yes you Reg Golb but also Janice and Dani) is that there is NEVER any coming to a consensus or general agreement about a subject. Why? Because when it comes down to the basics YOU ARE NOT RATIONAL! Any of you.

Let me say that again Glob. You are not a rational human being. You have chosen to make FAITH (Hebrews 11:1 Now FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.) in God the most important aspect of your life. That when it comes down to a choice between thinking with your brain and accepting the bible on FAITH you will go with FAITH every time.

This FAITH determines what you believe about the most basic elements of the universe.

Let's start with this. A is A.

WTF does that have to do with anything?

It is one of the most fundamental concepts in the universe. That existence exists. That there is something out there, that we can perceive, and we are individually capable of perceiving that which exists.

The fuck?

It means, Glob, that the desk you are sitting at as you read my blog is only a desk. It will never be anything else. It is a desk. You can use it for alternative purposes. You can bend your wife over it and fuck her silly but it will still be a desk. You can clear it off and chop up lettuce, veggies and chicken and make a Caesar salad, but it is still a desk. Recommend you wipe it off after the sex or that white creamy stuff that smells like tartar sauce is going to leave a fishy taste on your chicken.

But you don't accept that, do you Glob? You don't believe that the desk is ONLY and shall always only be a desk. You believe that it COULD be something else. That if your Lord God would stretch forth His hand he could make your desk into an elephant, or a Muslim Virgin one of 47, or a Mini Cooper loaded with $38 million in gold bullion.

You whinge about atheists not being able to answer the origins of life. Yet I remember distinctly Richard spending a large chunk of his valuable time addressing this very issue on this very blog with you! RIGHT HERE!! You inconsiderate fucking prick. You read and understood NONE of what he wrote. You did do a google search for a term and copy/pasted a response. But you didn't understand the science of it to say, "Richard- this part is wrong and here is why". OR "Richard- how can you say X when my understanding is Y".

But no. In typical Fundy fashion you LOOKED at what Richard said, understood NONE of it, Googled a few key terms until you found a fundy response to PART of what he said, put that up like you had contributed to the discussion and said "that's interesting". Richard took the time to not only read but also respond to the tripe you copied from somewhere else and what did you do Glob? You fucked off from that discussion and never came back. Why? Because you, Glob, don't know enough about science to respond to Richard. You Glob, being the fundy that you are stuck your fingers in your ears and went racing back to Bible School to get the atheist stain off your brain before it soaked in and damaged your FAITH.

Or how about This one? Where you Glob, asked me if I would die for my child. I asked you a few questions to define exactly what you meant and what did you do? You fucked off for nearly 2 weeks before being redirected back there and only addressed two other people's points to you but were "too tired" to pick up or remember the discussion with me. Why? Because when it comes down to it, you will not respond with reason or rational discussions but with your FAITH. And what do you do every single time that it is challenged and you have no response. You fuck off to whatever bible thumping activity you participate in until the waters you've stirred up here have calmed down and people have forgotten about the skid mark that you have left.

FAITH and reason do not mix and they never will. Reason looks to understand the world AS IT IS. FAITH looks to take the world and force it to fit the biblical world view. Science adapts and changes as new information is learned. Faith twists and contorts, denounces and denies new information to fit the old way of thinking.


Reg Golb said...

Well, much like Johnny's response, I am going to be in a good crowd. I once thought this was a good crowd, and maybe by johnny's standards it is. However, since you all seem happy with consensus, I will oblige you. You now have a 100% consensus, except maggie who Richard has so kindly labeled agnostic.

Protium said...

Fuck Off Reg!

Thump Thump Eyes said...

"I once thought this was a good crowd"

haha bullshit just drips from your fingers doesnt it globlet, you have only ever been here to put forth your religious crap, you cant even construct a good arguement, and now you just cant give up and let go of it all....hahaha...go away fundy fool and play with your funny deluded fundy friends somewhere else!

Johnny said...

oh boo hoo waaa waaa waaa cry me a river glob then drown in it, it's got nothing to do with consensus or crowds idiot! When I said the word crowd, once mind you again as pretty much a throw away so if that's all you can cling to then be my guest, I specifically meant that to mean a small but intelligent one hardly one that holds the consensus, in fact I find it sad and hilarious at the same time that more people than not say they believe in god and not evolution.

See again you've left a stain.
Maggies thoughts were well reasoned and delivered in a sensible way. I am sure she will be thrilled to think you put her in the same boat as you!

You get what you ask for glob, now what Protium said!

Poodles said...

Yea, I was eating breakfast when I read that. Not so much anymore.

The point that you, Reg, seem to be missing is that most of us have deist and christian friends and family in real life. We get along with them just fine. But if one of them started spewing half the shit you did, I would call them on it as well.

Believe it or not a lot of us who read and comment here have also corresponded either by phone, e-mail or IM. I have found everyone I have corresponded with to be good people. You will never move past the fact that we are atheists. That is all you choose to see. You don't see that we donate to charities, we take care of our families and we contribute to our societies. You are stuck on the atheist part. In your narrow view, we can't be anything else. We couldn't possibly have more in common with most christians than we have different than them, you can't imagine that that is the reality.

It seems though, with you, that when you can't find a rational answer to a point here you then turn to purely personal attacks on atheism itself. Not very productive if you ask me.

But whatever.

Traceytreasure said...

This is just an observation but it seems to me that most Christians are doing the job of their God when it comes to Judging people. I'm so sick of being JUDGED by Christians. STOP IT! I don't know you reg glob, but it seems to me that you need to stop judging people. NOW! I don't know if I'm Christian, Athiest or Agnostic but I do know that it's not my job to judge anyone. Period! Fiery, Please don't waste any more time on him! Life's too short!

T&A said...

Reg is a sorry little douche bag that comes here for attention. You see, that if you take a look at his "blog" numbers,( Site Meter) you'll find that he's had only 64 visits there since October. I guess if people won't come to you for abusive, judgmental diatribes, then hey, just go to them!

Fiery, I wouldn't waste another minute on this fool. He's a troll and trolls are fed by this sort of attention. Seriously, he claimed he was taking leave of your blog yesterday morning, yet he has responded at least 5 times since! What does that tell you? Attention whore much?

Fiery said...


Glob was dubbed exactly that last year on this blog post. :)

He's fucked off for now. (Who here is surprised? Nobody? Me either.) I'm sure he'll be back another day and we can all join in again and play "Smear the Queer ... er.... Fundy".


Reg Golb said...

"To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree."

-- Charles Darwin, Origin of Species

Protium said...

Fuck off Reg!
Screwing with context again you fuckin dimwit. Are we supposed to go "Oh Look.. Reg is right... Charles said that so eveolution IS wrong!"
You fuckin stupid cockhead.

The text directly after your quote is...
When it was first said that the sun stood still and the
world turned round, the common sense of mankind declared the doctrine
false; but the old saying of Vox populi, vox Dei, as every philosopher
knows, cannot be trusted in science. Reason tells me, that if numerous
gradations from a simple and imperfect eye to one complex and perfect can
be shown to exist, each grade being useful to its possessor, as is
certainly the case; if further, the eye ever varies and the variations be
inherited, as is likewise certainly the case; and if such variations should
be useful to any animal under changing conditions of life, then the
difficulty of believing that a perfect and complex eye could be formed by
natural selection, though insuperable by our imagination, should not be
considered as subversive of the theory."

Now fuck off and don't come back. Fucktard

Reg Golb said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fiery said...

And again I say,

"Fuck you Glob you worthless piece of sputum.

Get off my blog and stay off."

Protium said...

Fuck Off Reg!

Ha ha ha... Reg said "Someone have a closet crush of the Reg?"

Fuckin pissed myself 'cause I got an instant picture of T&A's portrait of Reg

Now all we have to do is stop feeding the troll...

T&A said...

Protum: I found it to be a rather nice likeness! :P

Anonymous said...

jeez, I go away for a while and the crowd gets nasty.

I am a bit surprised reg keeps coming back after all the flak you guys give him.