Sunday, April 6, 2008

pick one

I love snow.
I really do.
It's beautiful, chill, pristine flakes
Covering the world in their splender.

But for fuck's sake it's spring already!
I've already got my bike out and been for my first spring ride.
The winter survival gear is all packed up and put away for next season.
And this is what happened this afternoon!!!

32*F / 0*C

Could Jack Frost please smeg off and let the grass green up! PLEASE????!!!!!!


Poodles said...

I planted yesterday. Probably will snow now.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

You said smeg. Have you been watching Red swarf?

Fiery said...

The oh-so-talented Johnnt made me my very own personalized copy of the audio book "The Universe Welcomes Careful Drivers". I've listened to that one about 8 times I'd say. It was done in an authentic Melbournian Aussie Accent and is hillarious. Ask me sometime how I took the ending at Bedford Falls.

I've also listened to the tv scripts read to me by the same for Season 1 episode 1 all the way through Season 6 episode 5.

Even my son says "smeg" now. It's the cutest damn thing. :)

But no, I've never *seen* any of the episodes. The one I am most looking forward to seeing is Backwards, followed by Queeg, Stasis Leak and Inquisitor. :D

Thump Thump Eyes said...

You've never seen the episodes, oh you will have fun when you do, great characters, very funny smegging show....

I thought the snow looks fucking beautiful, although I understand you must be fucking sick of it by now, gotta fuck off now, hope I've added to your score on the fucking cuss o meter :-D

Fiery said...

my dear Thump,
The snow was indeed beautiful. and normally i'm the very last person to whinge about winter being over and done with. :)

oh! And fucking right on with the goddamned swearing! woohoo!!!!

Did I ever tell you about the time I was reading one of those "intellectual" blogs and the writer (50-cent words and long, convoluted sentences) was using euphemisms for cuss words?

I wanted to comment and say, "If you are writing casually enough to insert invectives into your sentence structure, using euphemisms and making us fill in the actual cuss word, doesn't count as not swearing. It's just swearing for pussies."


Thump Thump Eyes said...

You really should have made that comment...pussy swearers should be told! :-D

geetha said...

it looks lovely for someone from India where the temperature now is just soaring :(

Fiery said...

Hello again Geetha!

I didn't know India was on the same summer rotation as we are here in the States. Bet the temp. there is a bit more brutal than what I am used to.

Strange how at the same time Australia is entering their cold season.

Apparently I didn't spend enough time in school studying world weather patterns.

Thump- I would have done, but Richard is the one who pointed me to the blog and didn't want to leave a bad impression. *snerk* You know how worried I am about appearances.

Ok- the truth is, the intellectual nature of the blog is intimidating. And by intimidating I mean really dry, densely written "articles" not mere "posts" like I put up. He's a blogger on a whole different level than the blogs I frequent.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

I have come across some like that in Scienceblogs....after about 20 seconds of reading I can feel a kind of blank expression flattening out my face and I have to admit to myself I dont have any desire to continue reading....and then just move on...I much prefer your type of blog sweety :-)

Stardust said...

I'm so sick of winter. Here in Chicagoland, in the middle of April and buds starting to come out on the trees and tulips coming up out of the ground...we are expected to have snow and freezing rain all weekend. It's crap!

T&A said...

Stardust: I feel your pain! I'm glad we're supposed to get some 70's later this week!

Joe said...

84 degrees today. Going for a three day scooter ride. Temps scheduled for the mid 70's. There's a reason California is so damn expensive and crowded.