Thursday, April 24, 2008

Expelled expunged

I found this over at Star Dust's blog here.

This is a fabulous response to the idiocy of Ben Stein's recent creationist pseudo-documentary Expelled, especially for the non-scientifically inclined. I know several of my reader's will find nothing they didn't already know here (ahem...Richard, Johnny, XO, and more...). Even so, the wit that it is presented with makes it worth a look see.

Plus the announcer has a yummy accent, which is always a win in my book. :)


Richard said...

Choice! Darwinian Evolution certainly doesn't explain the Origin of Life. But... the mechanism behind it, plus knowledge of the physical world at a time shortly prior to the appearance of life is not that hard to backwards extrapolate. Whatever its uncertainties may be, such backwards extrapolation offers far more probability of truth than "Unintelligent Design".

Good one! Thanks Fiery.

I can't wait to hear what Johnny has to curse about on this one :-) !!!

Richard said...

wryly & not without a sense of mischief... Reg would be a lot of fun on that one.

Stardust said...

Look what I attracted with my Expelled Exposed post. Even though I remained polite, there was no getting through to 17-year-old creationist Lauren who came to my blog to give me a "scolding"...then when I went to her blog she kept deleting me, till finally after I reminded her that it was she who came to my blog first, and I left her comments stay, and that fair is fair for her to leave mine at her blog. I told her if her faith is strong as she says, then she should not be afraid of other viewpoints, So she left them, and another dimwit vagabond somebody wrote some really unintelligent comments in defense of Lauren (persecution complex kicks in when they have no answers) and then now she is just simply ignoring me (saying she is "busy" now and will be back "later"...yeah right). I asked the vagabond douche three simple questions: What are ID's scientific predictions, what are its unifying principles, and what experiments have been done to support your ID theory?

Fiery said...

Hi Richard! Glad you enjoyed the video.

Butt Nugget won't post again here, he only started conversations he never finished them.

And on a much better note, I too would love to hear what Johnny has to curse er.... say about this one as well.

Hi Stardust! I did pop over to your blog with the Expelled post. First time I was there it said there weren't any comments. Somehow the page didn't load or I didn't see the number 61+ or some stupid thing. I'm sure it was a carbon based error on my part.

Poodles recommended that I try again and I did read through. I thought you, Tommy and the others gave some very pertinent answers to your fundy.

The problem is their arguments are all "been there done that". They could post a list of top 25 responses to atheist blogs and just say

Hi. I'm a fundy. Insert argument 4, 9, 12 and 23. HA! Beat that! You silly atheists.

Then we could respond... *sigh* Hello Fundy. Welcome to the blog. In answer to your faith based assertions please see the following websites, read the following books, and take this full-spectrum vitamin supplement to help your gray matter grow some new neuron connections since you haven't used it since early junior high.

I would bet that your Lauren doesn't return after her junior thesis and her dress-up night.

Seekers I don't mind. Fundies annoy me. And nothing beats a rousing game of Smeer the Queer when the fundy deserves it!

Richard said...

You know, "Butt Nugget" has a rather amusing aspect to it. Perhaps the Aussie's here could elaborate on this burning issue.

As I recall, sheep in Australia would occasionally get the runs --you know, diarrhea, the trots, loose, no pain no strain just sit and drain, liquid doo and so forth. The anal effluent would cling around a sheep's butt-wool and form very nasty clumps. The Aussies referred to them, I believe, as "dags".

Now, is a dag really all that different from a butt nugget? Is a butt nugget unadulterated by wool fibers, or could a butt nugget be equated with a dag?

Inquiring minds need to know. What's the straight shit on this global concern?

Richard said...

[This might be worth being a post, rather than a comment.]

I have just learned that Ben Stein and the producers of Expelled lied in writing(!) to, and misled, the Evolutionary scientists that were interviewed.

There are direct excerpts here.

The material was put on the web by an agency where one of those scientists works.

The closing point is a good one:
"Of course, there are consequences for Expelled, as well: if these producers cannot be trusted to interview scientists honestly, can we trust them to present an honest documentary? A perusal of the content of the movie suggests such trust would be misplaced."