Thursday, April 17, 2008

international travel insurance

I need some. Anybody have any thoughts?

Trip from May 27th to June 26th
Destination: Australia
Requirements: Health insurance- so if I break a leg, etc... I'm covered
Life insurance- $30,000+
Flight delay, baggage issues-

Anybody have any thoughts on companies? Policy types? Prices?

Thanks in advance for any helpful tips you may have, even if it is "Whatever you do, don't go with Urfarked Traveler Plans."



Xavier Onassis said...

Other than several thousand dollars worth of Travellers Cheques shoved up you arse (in a non-metallic, water proof container), I got nuthin'.

Was that helpful?


Fiery said...

I've been told condoms make good water proof containers. Any thoughts on insertion?

Protium said...

Yeah... You stick in the top and they come out the bottom. :)

Maggie Rosethorn said...

Fiery..if you are a AAA member, check and see what kind of traveler's insurance they offer. Or, through credit unions you belong to, or whatever groups/employers, etc. Also, if you have health insurance, call and ask how they handle any overseas injuries. But, yeah, I would recommend getting it. My inlaws, who travel a lot, always got it and never used it until motherinlaw fell in Japan and broke her hip. The insurance helped get her home. Sorry I can't recommend any companies; they got it through the group they were traveling with.

Fiery said...

um..... yeah Protes that's the *problem* with insertion. Oral use of a condom is buried deep in the red zone of ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Yes Richard, that was a mixed metaphor. :P Sheesh, one would think you were the local grammar police!

Fiery said...

Maggie that is a great suggestion. I need to call the credit union today anyway. Will see what they have to offer. Looked into AAA but can't remember why that didn't work out. Might double check just to make sure.


Fiery said...

AAA- does not offer travel insurance in Minnesota that includes trip, health and life.

My credit union doesn't offer it (none of the ladies I spoke to had ever heard of the possibility).

And Sam's Club just provides a link to a multiple quotes service.


It was definitely worth a try though!!!! :)

Poodles said...

I work for medical insurance and I got nothin'.

I did, however, google travel health insurance and a few sites came up, you could probably be ok using something like that as long as you research the company a bit.

Start here maybe.

I did notice on the site above that they have an article on AIG's travel insurance, I'm not sure what kind AIG offers, but I have worked with them and I know they are reputable. ING is great too, but I'm not sure they offer travel anything.

Poodles said...

That is the address for AIG's travel insurance.

Fiery said...

Hi Poodles!!

Thanks for the heads up on AIG!!!!!

They sound good and I've looked at their various policies in the past. Unfortunately, it looks like they do not offer life insurance except as an optional extra. I was hoping to keep the insurance for the trip at or below $100.

ING is an insurance company for Australians and I don't qualify for that. Yet. Maybe someday. >:)

Thus far I am leaning towards Seven Corners Round Trip package and Travel Insured World Wide Trip Protector.

Fiery said...

Also thinking of American Express Global Travel Shield Classic. Pretty much those 3.