Tuesday, April 1, 2008

open forum 12

Happy April Fool's Day.

A day with great personal significance for me. I celebrate it every year by being universally unable to come up with a decent joke to play on anyone.

What's your best prank?

Oh... and it's still an open forum.

Ask and you shall receive. :)

Answers that is, cripes I'm not a fairy god mother! :D


Poodles said...

No questions yet?

HMMM....boxers or briefs?

Oh and I know Ryan Green is missing but has Russ popped up anywhere?

Fiery said...

Hi Poodles!! :D

Boxers- for easy access
Briefs- for sculpted yumminess
Commando- for the *snerk* factor

Thump Thump Eyes said...

You may not have noticed this April Fools day joke, but it was a cracker...hahaha...I didnt twig straight away because it was in the news and thought as I read it..YES! YES! YES!


Crazyman Bob said...

It Is NOT Too Late

With the never-ending assaults on our constitutional liberties by the wanna-be fascists . . .

With the constant manipulations of the economy by the powers-that-be . . .

With the mountain of horrific crimes committed by the mega-corporations in Iraq and America . . .

With the constantly-increasing blizzard of psyops and snow-jobs by the corporate media . . .

It is easy to lose hope.

Or to have the fire of righteous anger doused by the dampness of fatigue.

Or to ease up on trying to fix things.

A Little Perspective

It is vital to put things in perspective:

* We are (still) able to share real news on the Internet

* We are (still) not locked in prison camps set up for those who criticize the government

* We have (still) not bombed yet another country for oil

* There has (still) not been a nuclear or bio false flag

* We are (still) able to access food and other necessities

Therefore, we still have resources to work with . . .

NOW Is the Time

Indeed, while the forces of darkness are perhaps greater than ever before, we also have more awareness and more resources than ever before. More people understand the history of false flags than ever before. More people understand than ever before that wars are fought for the financial interests of the few. More people can access uncensored information on the Net than ever before. More people see the big picture than ever before.

I'm not saying everything is okay and we should relax. I am saying that the battle isn't over yet. Liberty and justice and sanity can still prevail.

NOW is the time to stand up and insist on our freedom.

NOW is the moment to seize victory away from those who want to manipulate us.

NOW is the window of opportunity when the people can throw off the yoke of the tyrants.

We still have everything we need to win.

It is (still) not too late

NOW is the perfect time to take action!

Half rabbit said...

I see that you mention Australia as one of your interests. Did you used to live there or do you just like it for some reason.

Also you can ignore this if you would prefer not to disclose it. But where in Australia are you visiting. I live near here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamworth%2C_New_South_Wales

Fiery said...

Hello Half Rabbit! Warm welcome to my blog!

My interest in Australia stems from the large number of fantastic people I've met from there through the course of blogging: Alice Springs, Melbourne, Perth, even Adelaide pops up on the odd occasion and now Tamworth- how cool!!!!!! It's possible I'm missing a locale but only because it's early in the morning.

As for the trip I'll be in Melbourne and Perth and possible areas surrounding. :)