Monday, April 28, 2008

what to blog about

my bologna has a first name
it's o-s-c-a-r

my bologna has a second name
it's m-a-y-e-r

i love to eat him everyday
and if you ask me why i'll say
'cause oscar mayer has a way with

According to Richard my leadup for this sucks.

This vid is quite humorous (please click and enjoy) it's more than just a BBQ wiener movie.

(I'm sure Richard will let me know if this is ok.)


Traceytreasure said...

'Cause Oscar Mayer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a! Thanks! That's gonna be stuck in my head all day! I'd take that commercial any day over the KY lubricant or the Cialis or Viagra ads! Have a great day, Fiery! Hope it's warming up for you! Gonna have a wienie roast today? Hugs!

Fiery said...

lol!!! Hey! I figure if it's stuck in my head, might as well be stuck in EVERYBODY'S head! *snerk*

Sure dates a person though. Wonder if I have readers young enough to not remember those ads.

Unfortunately for poor me, I ain't got NO wienies in my house.

*stomp stomp*


Traceytreasure said...

You are welcome to my P.E.N.I.S! Go ahead and take it! I'd be honored to share with you! ::Blush:: He he he!! Hugs!

Richard said...

So, let's get this, ahem, straight, one should want to be all meat so they can be, ahem, eaten. So all the good 'meat flavor' can be brought out!

I'm glad I have an Oscar Mayer wiener,
That is what I'd truly like to be.
Cause an Oscar Mayer wiener
Is a lot of poky sexy fun for me.

I'm glad I have an Oscar Mayer wiener,
That is what I'd truly like to be.
Cause an Oscar Mayer wiener,
Is lots of poky sexy fun for she.

Oscar Mayer wieners are all meat, all good meat,..


Protium said...

Next you'll be trying to tell me there is a song called "Star Spangled Bologna" and a car called a Wienermobile!

Fiery said...

WHAT! No... er.... of course not. *blushes* Don't be ridiculous!

Why.... who ever heard of such a thing... that song... and the very idea of a wiener shaped vehicle.

*looks around suspiciously*
(sibilant whisper) who told the aussie about the wiener mobile!!!!! Dammit people that was a secret!!!!!!!!!!

Protium said...

It's OK Sis... we have "Happy Little Vegemites" and "Weetbix Kids"... fortunately no Vegemitemobile... that would be silly ;-)