Tuesday, October 2, 2007

the evolution of the Atheist Homeschooler

I’ve been tagged by Poodles to detail the evolution of my blog. Most of these chain posts are lists of interesting tidbits about an individual, some of which can actually lead to a bit of soul searching if done thoughtfully.

This one is interesting in that it is asking for the story of my blog, through the use of 5 previous posts reflecting its evolution.

1. In the beginning I started my blog as a way to meet people. As I live in a very small town in Minnesota, my chance of meeting like-minded folk is slim to….well… none period, not much slim about it. Initially, I intended my blog to be a homeschooling blog detailing my journey as a homeschooling Mommy from the beginning to present day. I had intended to take as many blog entries as needed to explain the journey I was on. I remember worrying that blogging was going to be like the first day on a playground nervously waiting for the mean kids to come over and tell me to go home, that I wasn’t welcome here. That never happened. I have met some truly fantastic people through my blog, and my life has been enriched in ways I could not possibly have imagined when I began this adventure seven months ago.

2. The Dani debate started when I wrote a post decrying the evil nature of hell. It was the first time I had ever discussed my lack of belief in a written forum and found I rather enjoyed the process, in spite of the head banging frustration of debating a fundamentalist christian who kept going on about “the Truth” that was in her possession. From this debate, I picked up some of my most faithful readers *waves* “Hi guys!!!! Thanks for sticking around!” :-D

3. Shortly after the stunning finale to the Dani debate, thank you JohnGalt666, I got the idea for putting up an open forum to open the floor to topics people reading my blog wanted to hear about. This has been an incredible part of my blog and each time has generated an interesting discussion.

4. I even tried my hand at a bit of poetry. But, while I enjoyed the process immensely, it rather ended up falling by the wayside in the end. Still, life’s twists and turns are what make us who we are today. We are shaped and molded by the events in our lives, some we regret, some we treasure, but how to know which one will lead to our greatest happiness? What if the one thing we would change, is the one event that got us to where we are today? Because sometimes, just sometimes, paths converge into something truly spectacular. :-)

5. Presently, my blog exists as my favorite spot in the blogosphere, complete with an amazing group of people from around the world, a variety of backgrounds, some agreeing with me, some disagreeing with me, and all capable of having a rational discussion about emotionally charged issues. YAY MY BLOG!!!!!! :-D In keeping with that happiness, I will name this post as representative of what my blog means to me Flight of the Phoenix.

I am now supposed to name 5 people to detail the evolution of their own blogs. The people I would most like to name are

Crazyman Bob
Xavier Onassis

Unfortuantely, 4 out of the 5 do not have blogs of their own. *sigh* They make hella good commentors on my blog though, so if having their own blog would distract them from mine, then the hell with having your own blog! I love that you are here!

And as for the Hip Suburban White Guy, Xavier Onassis, I wonder if he is too cool to participate in something like this? lol We’ll see.


Poodles said...

I'm betting XO is too cool for a lot of things. :D

Great responses.

Protium said...

WOO HOO I'm in the Famous Five...

I'm embarrased by my attempt at blogging... I just can't find the right time to do it and after a regular day the inspiration...

I'm fizzled (is that a word)

Fiery said...

Thank you Poodles! :-) Any man, manly enough to choose the name kisses and hugs surely doesn't have time for this bit of fluff. lol

Protium- of course you're on the list big brother! :-)

As for your blog, how did you become an atheist? A good deconversion or how I grew up story is a lovely place to start.

Fizzled is the perfect way to describe how you feel at the end of a long day.

Xavier Onassis said...

This is cruel beyond measure for at least two reasons:

My first posts sucked bum's ass.

It implies that my blog may have evolved beyond that state when there is scant evidence to uphold such a bold assertion.

We'll see.

Fiery said...

Ah quit your whingeing, just think of all the fun you'll have being able to inflict it on 5 of your nearest and dearest!


Johnny said...

Flippin' heck Fiery I'm at the top of the famous five.....what a dear sweet thing you are. I love you *face hurting from grinning* If you can wangle it so there are 40 hours in a day I might just consider starting a blog.hahahahaha
It certainly is fun dropping in over here though and some really great people too Fiery, hi all you great people *waves*.
Istanbul Istanbul Istanbul!!!
It's Istanbul not constantinople well it's
Istanbul not constantinople
been a long time gone constantinople
why did constantinople get the works?
That's nobodies business but the Turk's!

Poodles said...

OH Johnny, thanks so much for getting that song stuck in my head...

Fiery said...

Johnny, you aren't the only one wishing for more hours. But you and I both know you would fill them with time with your beautiful daughter, cricket, me, guitar, and telly. In that order.

You still wouldn't squeeze out a blog.

You make time for the things most important to you. Everything else fills in the gaps.