Thursday, October 18, 2007

introducing my big brother!

[Richard warning: occasional use of "piss" in the Aussie Vernacular]

Every now and again, I run across truly exceptional people. And a lot of them end up commenting on my blog! YAY! How lucky am I? One such individual is my adopted big brother Protium. The family resemblance is uncanny, poor bugger. ;-D

He's just recently stepped into the blogger pool and a cracking good show of it he has made. If you get a chance, step on over to Protium the Heathen and give it a once over. ;-) His second post- Two Ears details a rather horrific medical experience he had recently. But, not one to let an opportunity slide, he takes the piss out of some fundies by the end. WAHOO!!!! Wish I'd been there.

If you take a peek at the comments he even challenges me to translate some Aussie vernacular testing my knowledge of "the piss". Little does he realize that I have had 2 wonderful coaches in the mysteries of Aussie dialect, Sean the Blogonaut and for the last couple of months Johnny.

This was the translation challenge.

"Mate, I got hammered last night I was so pissed. Pissed I got a hangover this morning but. Swigged heaps of water so I pissed most of it out. Let's go and sink some more piss"

Wanna shot? lol Yeah, I figured you wouldn't, me... I can't let a challenge pass unattempted. I always did test well.

Skite, skite. Listen to Fiery skite.

Thanks again Protium and welcome to the blogosphere! *hugs*

And what does this have to do with anything? Not a thing, other than that I'm in a fab mood and wanted to post something light hearted.


Anonymous said...

Yep, it's difficult sometimes to write a blog that you Yanks will understand :-)

I see you passed the test and even won an award. Congrats.

Where I work there has always been at least one American here on a 2/3 year contract. It's fun the first few weeks translating each other.

Fiery said...

Hey mate! Welcome to my blog! lol You have to love Aussies to wade through the vernacular, at least one. Thanks for poppin' in! And so quickly! Whew! The ink hadn't even dried on this post yet. Usually Poodles is the first to spot a new post on my blog.

She's probably off smoochin' her Hulk or soakin' in her hot tub. Ooooooo or BOTH!!!! Go Poodles! ya lucky dog. *snerk*

Jacob said...

I can have a go at it.

Pissed = angry
Pissed = drunk
Piss = to urinate
Piss = urination
Piss = alcohol
Take the Piss = mock, annoy

But some of them are universal in English nations, and some are from the UK.

Fiery said...

Jacob! Ya sweet thing you, you LIVE in Oz, it's not surprising you aced the test. lol

Thanks for sticking your head up!!!!

Protium said...

What a pisser :)

All this Aussie slang and I'm a bloody Kiwi. bwa ha ha ha ha.

Go Sis

Fiery said...

Well I certainly wasn't going to out you as a Kiwi. Nope not me.


That's ok Protes, 'bout you bein' Kiwi and all, I still love ya anyway. :-D

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Congratulations on your award:-D
Thought this Oz writer may interest you - Afferbeck Lauder - his famous book is - Lets Talk Strine - you might get a laugh out of that one, or it may confuse you totally!!

Fiery said...

Thank you TT Eyes!!! And welcome to my blog!!!!!! YAY another Aussie. *bouncing happily*

I'm an Aussie magnet. lol!!!!!!

I'll see if I can find the book. Wonder if I could interlibrary loan it. ;-) I wonder if Barnes & Noble carries it.

My eyes are hanging out of my head or I would check immediately.

Sleep now. Blog later.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Hi Fiery, thanks for the warm are collecting a few aussies here...and we are a nice bunch too....:)

Old Afferbeck Lauder was a funny chap, I dont think you will find the book anywhere its vintage 60's and pretty obscure now, but I noticed that there was info about him on Wikepedia, and references to him on some other sites........and its more about the Australian way of pronunciation, and for me its hilarious, hope you see the humour, possibly need to be actually talking to an aussie to really catch onto it, its about the way some of us slide our words together with a broad accent....

Fiery said...

Hey TT Eyes! I've been listening to Aussies, hours and hours, mmmmmmm.... Aussie accents. lol. I have indeed noticed the wild pronunciation.


lol Like the phonetic spelling of the letter "r" in Australia = "ahh"
In America we say the letter "r" as "are".

I would LOVE to spend an afternoon with an Aussie comparing my Teching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, phonetic based reading program, with a comparable Australian book and just enjoy the differences. WOW!!!!!

Not only that, but then there is the wild way of emphasizing the opposite end of the word:
WEEKend vs. weekEND

stuff like that.

Yay down under! ;-)

Protium said...

I've found an online shop in Oz that has some secondhand copies. As long as you don't mind odd spag-boll stain on some pages :)

Fiery, guess what your getting for Festivus?

Fiery said...

*happy twirls* and *giggling girls* You're the bestest big brother EVA!!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!

What's life without the odd spag-boll stain on things. I mean really. How can anyone claim to live without some good old fashioned spag-boll around.....

Better spag-boll than haggis or tripe though. *shudders*

Poodles said...

I bed early and rise really fucking early, except for the weekends and my weekends start on Friday (I work 4 tens). So alas, I was in bed early last night (I couldn't even wait to watch CSI) and I slept in until 6:30 this morning which is sleeping in for me.

DAMMIT! Not the first!

On the topic, as I commented at Protiums blog I was barn and raised here in Utah, which means I am not very good at languages, especially the english language.

Google Utahnics...perhaps I'll have to do a post in all Utahnics and let you all translate it. It's worse than Aussie! Huh T&A?

Fiery said...

Poodles, my scenario about the hot tub was much more fun than the reality of workin' your butt off. Bummer!!!!!

Utahnics- huh? Love to see a post in it!!!!

Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

Poodles: I have worked very hard to remove any shred of Utahnese from my dialect!
My dad on the othe hand is a major offender when it comes to speaking Utahnese!

Italian= ayetalian as in: I wanna go to a good aytalian restaurant when we come to Chicago
Creek= Crick as in Let's go fishing in the crick.
Roof= Ruff as in: We need to put more shingles on the ruff.
Cafe= CAfey asin: Let's go to the cafey for a slice of pie...

I think living in ChicAgo for as long as I have has removed some of those tell-tale signs of Utahnese.. ;)

Johnny said...

Well done Protium but surely your aussie like Russel Crowe is or John Clarke or the ever talented Holly Valance? Kieth Urban? Marc Hunter?Hahahahaha just taking the piss so no need to tell this pisshead to piss off hahahahahahahaha

Afferbeck Lauder - Lets talk Strine! Emma Chisset? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

That is awesome I own a copy had it since I was a kid. It's still at my mum and dad's place! Shit now I'm going to have to find it PISSER!!
Fiery dear that should be *happy twirls* and *glitter girls* ;-)

Fiery said...

Keith Urban the country singer???? IS AN AUSSIE!!!!????

lol you're right Johnny, it should have been *glitter girls*. silly of me to have missed that.

Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

Feiry: I put up a post about Utahnics. It'll give you a snippet of the native language of most Utahns.

Starhawk said...

*big wave* Hello to our Aussie friends!

Protium said...

ha ha... Johny was indeed taking the piss...

Keith Urban and all the others he mentioned are KIWIs. Australia has a habit of adopting all the best NZ artists and claiming them as their own ;-)

I wonder how many here know what Afferbeck Lauder & Emma Chisset translates to??? :)

I'm off to learn Utahnese..

Fiery said...

I'd like fush und chups, kud, Emma Chisset?

See this 'ere book, penned by my mate Afferbeck Lauder, answer ALL your questions on how to speak in the land of Oz.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Hey Fiery,

You’ve got it sussed mate!!

Anyways - sleece tiger do for you - I’ve found a site where some one has gone to the trouble of writing down a phone conversation between Bev and her friend and matching them with sound bites....this one’s a full on Ozzie babe haha:-D

Now try that with your phonetic based reading program, bet the kids will get a laugh out of it!!!

Yes here in Orstrayleeaahh we do have a wild way of emphasizing the weirdest things...and we also like putting a y on the end of most things....i.e. chewing gum becomes chewy...or gizza becomes footy....or gonah footy tday?......cigarette.....ciggy.....gizza get the idea....the broader the accent the funnier it’ll have to come to the land of Oz one day and experience the madness of it all Fiery, woo hoo whizzing, whirling and twirling and dancing in circles or what mayte!!!

Protium said...

Just make sure you answers are in Alphabetical Order.

Afferbeck Lauder :)

Fiery said...

TT Eyes,

And also brekky, arvo, y's on the end of short names, shortening long names to the first few letters and putting y or es on the end of it, yep nicknames for EVERYTHING, calling children chook, or wee dot of a thing.

I've only taken a glance at the link, will go back in a mome, but most I can get straight off.

Thank Johnny for that talent I've picked up.

As for a trip to Oz, from your mouth to god's ears. *snerk* Ohhhhhh how I wish.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Crikey I go walkabout for a cuppla days and Fiery turns into a flamin Ozzie. Stone the fuckin crows.

Now been the top sheila she is well ave to get her to step up to the next level and learn the diffrences between Queenslander and New South Welsh.

Oh and Protium, New Zealand will be ours, just as soon as the rest of your ex-countrymen move over here.

Fiery said...

Let's see Protium has Western Australia and Kiwi's wrapped up for me, you've got Northern Territory, and Johnny's got Victoria. Seems to me I need some blokes from South Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales.
;-) lol

Aussies, gotta love 'em!

Crazyman Bob said...

So is this now an Australian rules blog?

Anonymous said...

Well Fiery you already have a New South Welshman (NSW) and a South Australian (SA), sort of.
I've been living in NSW for the last 20 years, but grew up in SA (though I was originally born in England).

Fiery said...

I gotta twofer
I gotta twofer


*shivers excitedly*
My plan for total domination of the Australian continent is well underway.

Now for Queensland. I'll bet there is a name for them too,...



All right guys, do you identify yourselves by the states you are in? Or are you Perthians and Melbunnians.


Crazyman, as to your question Aussie Rules or was that Aussies RULE! YES! Yes they do... yes it is. *giggles*

Protium said...

Queenslanders are sometimes known as BananaBenders and Western Australians are usually known as SandGropers.

I'm not sure about the rest.

Fiery said...

I would love to know the etymology of those particular phrases,
"bananabenders" and "sand grabbers" I'll bet there's a *snerk* or two in that tale!


Johnny said...

Melbournians are known as mexicans by new south welshmen because we come from south of the boarder, Banana benders just cause they grow bananas in qld and Sangropers are a type of burrowing insect (bit like a mole cricket) found in dunes around Perth. Nova Castrians are from newcastle Lord Clarkwa is a novacastrian
So is this now an Australian rules blog?

Hahaha if it is Bob you go up in the ruck and tap the ball to me and i'll try and thread a drop punt to the centre half forward, if it's a proper pass he should be able to take the chest mark if I roost it though he might have to take a jezza over the pack, hopefully then he can send a nice drop punt through the sticks...if he's too far out he might have to torp it though especially if the siren has gone!! hahahahah
Fiery you got twofer..... I will be trying my darndest on Saturday to pick up fivefer already have one fer 5 off 7 and they have only got four wickets in hand so I'll have to be good!!hahahah

Fiery said...

Hey Johnny!
Best of luck this Saturday!!!!

See if you can tally a maiden ova into the score book as well.

You are good Jonny, if you stretch yourself you're GREAT! ;-)


Johnny said...

Thanks love I'll be trying my best to bowl as many maidens as I possibly can!! Bowl the dots and the crosses will come!