Saturday, October 27, 2007



(In order to read this properly... the correct pronunciation for over is "ova" and weekend is emphasized "weekEND".) :-D

The following cricket match results just in from Australia:
Mt Waverley Uniting 1st XI vs Toorak Prahran 1st XI

(1st XI means the top ranked team of 11 players from that cricket club.)

Leading off the bowling (pitching) for Mt. Waverley Uniting was our very own Johnny. And a fantastic job he did! In the second half of a match played over two weekends, Toorak faced Johnny with 4 wickets in hand. (They had 4 batsmen left who could score runs for their team.)

In a stunning display of talent and skill, Johnny took 3 of those 4 wickets in just 3 overs!!!!! (An over is 6 balls thrown to the batter before it is another batter's turn to try and score. Getting 3 wickets in 3 overs is even more impressive than a pitcher getting 3 up 3 down in baseball.)

Not only did Johnny do it in 3 overs, but two of those wickets were taken by hitting the stumps! Which is a feat in and of itself. But to do it twice WOOOHOOO!! (The batsman's job is to defend three sticks shoved in the ground and to score runs. The batsman can be ruled out if the ball he hits is caught in mid-air, if the stumps are tagged with the ball by a player as he is trying to score, or if the bowler hits the stumps while bowling to him- which is what Johnny did.)

The game concluded with Mt. Waverly winning by 260 runs. Johnny personally finished 4 for 25. (He was responsibe for getting 4 of their 11 batsmen out and they scored 25 runs off of him. In a game where the scores can get upwards of 150, only having 25 runs scored on you is AWESOME!!!!)

WAY TO GO Johnny!!!! You must be absolutely chuffed!


Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

My friend Jimmy explained Cricket to me before, but until I get a complete walk through while watching a match, this is all "greek" to me!

You were talking about Cricket, right?

Fiery said...

T&A- yes cricket. lol Silly me not identifying that straight off. I fixed that gaff. Johnny has spent a lot of time telling me about cricket and after heaps of question I've got a fair grasp of the basics.

Like you I've never seen a match though. That would be so awesome!

Crazyman Bob said...

t&a: Jimmy explained cricket?

Jiminy Cricket?


my apologies. I can't seem to resist a little disney humor

Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

I guess I have a better grasp on it than most yanks, considering I figured out what you were talking about! :)
Nice one Crazyman!

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Bravo Johnny!

Has he started on the names of feild positions yet? Like

Silly mid on, Slips?

Fiery said...

I downloaded a pdf instruction manual for cricket that has a pic showing all the different positions. So when he starts talking about square leg I know not only what but where he is talking about.

I tell ya, I wish I was standing mid-off watching him bowl.
;-) That would be a find sight to see.

Protium said...

I hate to be a downer but watching cricket is a bit like watching paint dry.

Guess I'm not the sports type.

Good on you Johnny

Fiery you certainly are becoming a boomer Aussie sheila.

Fiery said...

There are sports that I can't STAND watching. Some of them don't even qualify as sports....
baseball, football, golf, tennis, hockey, NASCAR, fishing, basketball. Hmmmm. Let me put it this way. I hate watching sports. I would rather watch the paint dry and blow on it to watch it change from glisteny to tacky.

But I would L-O-V-E to watch Johnny play cricket. :-D

It's only boring if you don't have a vested interest in the game.


Thump Thump Eyes said...

Fiery, its so funny that you know all the terms, but have never seen a match...for me its even more boring than watching paint dry, although years ago I got dragged along to a game and saw Hooksie pop some six's over the fence, now that was exciting back then, I think it was a one day game, yes thats right folks - most games are days and days long.

Good one Johnny though for getting out there and getting into it!!

Anyways Fiery, just watch out that he doesnt bowl a maiden over....;-o

Fiery said...

TT Eyes- If memory serves, it is International Test Cricket that has 5 day games, club level cricket is usually 2 day games played on consecutive Saturdays.

*giggles* Johnny already bowled this maiden over. Yep, head over heels.

Johnny said...

*BLUSH* Well shucks Fiery I am completely honored that you blogged about my cricket game *stupid grins* Love you for that and thank you everyone for nice words and Bob for the crigeworthy disney joke hahahahahahaha
It is a great feeling to be part of a team like that and be the one instrumental in a win, and to have Crispy bowling at the other end doing his job..I am 18 years his senior and about half his size Chrispy=mountain hahaha
Protium hehe yep a lot of people would agree with you, try watching golf!! We aussies and our sport, I myself am not really into sport much either (unAustralian hahaha especially in my dislike for AFL especially being a Melbournian) I have played cricket for over 15 years now and also coach kids. but i don't really watch it much although probably more than other sport just cause I can identify with it.
I am also a skateboarder which is about the only "sport" I can really watch although again would much prefer doing it.
Anyway was a good game for us, we actually gained first innings points about 20 mins into the second day but you play on to see if you can get a second inning result, by tea there probably wasn't going to be a result so like the good Aussies we are we pulled the pin on the game so we could drink beer hahahahahaha

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Spot on Fiery, its the test thats so long and drawn out...yawn......

Ah Ha so the Fiery Maiden has been bowled over woo hoooooo I can feel romance in the net...

If you ever come to Oz you must do a tour of the whole country to meet us all:-D!!

Fiery said...

I've already had several sadly neglected BBQ invites from Protium, so I imagine that Perth would be on the tour schedule at some stage.

Maybe if I showed up with some nice imported beer?

Protium said...

*snerk* [© Fiery]