Wednesday, October 24, 2007

there and back again

Got up at 6:30a.m. on the road by 7:30a.m. apparently the camera was a bit blurry eyed that early in the morning. Certainly wasn't the fact that I had no idea what setting to use, nope, nuh uh.

Even while yawning my head off I enjoyed this beautiful sunrise! The picture didn't quite capture the true fuschia colors of the sunrise. I wonder how to teach my camera how to produce the color fuschia. I bet if I spent more time with the instruction manual.

Normally I don't drink caffeine. Any significant quantity leaves me quite paranoid and white knuckle driving is the pits. However, after only about 4 hours of sleep the night before, an hour down the road I was getting blinky. Bottle of Dr. Pepper sipped on judiciously throughout the day kept me wide eyed and bushy tailed.

Little pond at the Devil's Lake rest area (our 2nd potty break). You might remember Devil's Lake, home of the infamous Jesus Camp.

Fall on the North Dakota prairie

Got to Minot by about 12:45p.m. had a delightful chinese lunch at the food court in the mall, picked up sundries with Mom at Target and then home again by 7:30p.m.

It was wonderful to see Mama & Papa Ewok again and I was chuffed that the pain behind her knee is gone.


Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

Beautiful photos!
I'm glad your trip was safe!

Reg Golb said...

I see you caught all 25 trees in ND. I love that stretch from VC to Steele.

Fiery said...

Well thank you T&A!!!!! You are very kind. ;-)

Tommy said...

Did you pass by the children of the corn?

Fiery said...

Tommy, they were burning the corn field when we drove by and wouldn't allow me to take pictures.

Protium said...

Bewdy pictures. Glad your home safe and Mama is feeling better.

Fiery said...

Thanks big brother! :-D


Poodles said...

What a beautiful area.

Johnny said...

Tommy-"He want's you too Malachai!" What a creepy lookin' kid Malachai was too!
Great "cloudage" Fiery Lucy's mum would love those shots she is a "cloud watcher" even has a book on it which I think is actually pretty cool.
I am glad your mum's knee is feeling somewhat better, something to be chuffed about ;-)

Fiery said...

Johnny, clouds and stars are what I have always missed the most about living in Montana. Eastern North Dakota is so unremittingly flat that the clouds are

In Montana, the clouds pile up one upon the other and absolutely soar into the stratosphere. They are fantastic fun to look at. And the stars. OMG there are billions of stars in the Montana sky. *sigh*
Just don't get the same effect here. Too many street lights, too many farm yard lights. Too many people.