Thursday, September 13, 2007

Flight of the Phoenix

Fiery's heart soars into the air, the phoenix bursting through the clouds racing the wind across the horizon.

WAAAAHOOO!!!!! I have had the most splendiferous evening!!!!!!

The seeds for this evening were planted several months ago when I started a yahoo group for secular homeschoolers in my area. For the longest time there was no activity at all; then just recently, I got several hits on my site. We even set up a tentative play date at a park for Monday that I am looking forward to. I think she said they just moved here from the South. We are waiting to see if anyone else shows up. I hope they do, but if not, meh, it will be great anyway.

So after a late lunch my son and I head into town for his karate class. On Monday, class size swelled from the normal 2 kids to 11 kids and 3 adult participants, a huge jump in class size. Tonight was a bit different yet again in that not all of the 9 new students showed up and there was only 1 extra adult.

I was surprised to see yet another new face come in the door and tell the instructor she was a homeschooling Mom and her son was interested in participating in a class tonight. Now of course my ears perked up immediately and I was immensely curious about her and her son. Then I heard her say that she just moved hear from the South. My jaw fell open in complete shock.

What are the odds that a homeschooling mom, just up from the south, would pick my son's dojo for her son? Surely it wasn't the same person from my yahoo group. No way. There's no way that it could be the same person.

She ended up sitting far away from me, and being a complete wuss about meeting people I didn't say anything to her during class. I spent almost the entire class period watching her son and how hard he worked at understanding and following directions and trying to convince myself not to get my hopes up that she was who I thought she might be. I was really impressed with her son. He reminds me of my son about 15 months ago, just getting started, but taking it very seriously and loving the whole process.

When class was over I wrenched my shy butt out of my chair and sat down next to her and said, "Did I hear you say that you are a homeschooling mom?" She said yes. So I mentioned that I homeschooled my kids too. After a bit of chit chat I said, "Did you also say you just moved here from the South?" She confirmed this again and I said, "Is your name yyyyy" and she looked a little surprised and said yes. I said, "I'm Fiery from the secular yahoo group, we've got a play date scheduled for Monday at 2ish don't we?"

Ohhhhhhh and it was all taters and gravy after that. We left our two boys sitting on the couch watching the adult karate class that had just started and we went out to the hallway and visited.

It was sooooo much fun. First thing we confirmed was that we were both atheists. *happy dance* I have never ever ever ever talked to another atheist homeschooling mother in person before ever. They actually exist. There really are other mommy's out there who are atheists and homeschooling. *more dancing*

We must have stood out in the hallway for half an hour before our sons came out. Ahhhhh they were two peas in a pod, her son wanted to show my son how to stand on his head, and then my son showed him an alternative method.

It was hard to break away, but we will see them again on Monday. My son talked the whole 30 minute drive home. I laughed when I found out that one of the first subjects they broached was the god issue, both confirming that neither believed in ANY god. lol

I can't begin to describe how much fun they had together.





johngalt666 said...

That sounds wonderful Fiery!!!

That is so great that the kids got along so quickly too!

Hope you all have lots of fun at the play date!

Poodles said...

What a great time!

Ginny said...

Making new friends is always a plus in my book! Good for you!

janice said...

That's fantastic FE!

You'll have to let us know how the play date goes.

Fiery said...

Thanks guys!

I overheard my son today calculating the number of days until he gets to see him again.


Johnny said...

Hoorah for you Fiery.....Sounds like you might get to have a bit of a play date too. I can't wait to hear hoe much fun you guys had.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


This makes me very happy for more reasons than I can think to say.

Fortune favours the bold hey.

Fiery said...

Thank you Sean,

My son indeed had a blast on his playdate and has a new friend. They get on well together and seek each other out during karate class to practice near each other.

Watching them together is such an amazing feeling. Makes me smile just thinking about what good times they can have together.