Saturday, September 1, 2007

open forum 5

August was an interesting month, a time of making new friends *waves hello*, lessons learned (the pendulum always turns), good days (yeah), bad days (too many of you) and I'm really hoping September goes better.

As per the last few months, I'm putting up an open forum.

There have been times when visiting other blogs that I wanted to ask the blog owner a question off topic, but never really knew where to put it. I didn't want to be rude and bust into an on-going comment-conversation.

So- This post is the opportunity for any of my readers to broach a subject, ask a personal question, bring up a topic, talk about whatever is on your mind...

Let the games begin!


janice said...

No question this month, even though I seemed to spark quite the debate last month, this is just a "thank you" for a respectful forum to which I can "lurk" and learn.

Fiery said...

I like to think that the people on my blog respond to how other people treat them and you have been nothing but courteous. Thanks for reading!

Telmeimrong said...


Homeschooling begins at birth.


Why do you home school? and How is your reason different from what you perceive Christian homeschool?

Starhawk said...

Just wanted to upgrade my status from "lurker" to "that guy who said hi once". For someone whom it would appear has no problem entering into new social situations, I have found it surprisingly difficult to step up and make a comment. I mainly wanted to compliment Fiery on a very good blog with a great community of people and hopefully I'll get the guts to participate more.

Here's to a great September for all!

Fiery said...

Starhawk- welcome to my blog! *happy dance* I'm glad you finally came out of lurkdom and joined my little band of merry fellas!

And what a cool name! Now..... maybe you could perhaps add some details to your profile so I know a little bit more about you personally. *hint hint*

Oh and Starhawk, does your boss know you're posting from work????

Fiery said...


he beginning of my homeschooling adventure.

first things first for homeschooling

When did I start homeschooling?

Reg Golb said...

Do you think being gay is a choice?

I know you are from Fargo, I hope that doesn't sway you answer ;)

Fiery said...


I'm not entirely sure whether the real issue you are trying to discuss is the "cause" of homosexuality or what should be "done" about homosexuality.

For whatever reason the person chooses to practice a homosexual lifestyle as long as it is between two consenting adults, I say mind your own business.

Why an individual is a homosexual- whether it is choice, environment, or genetic is really not an important question.

Just leave them alone. If they want to adopt a child they should have to pass the same rigorous standards as any person who wants to adopt. If they want to get married, they will be faced with the same challenges as other married couples including the ramifications of divorce and custody battles.

Homosexuality is nobody's business except the parties involved.

Me- not involved. Not my place to look at a same sex pair and wonder why they are doing it?

As to that, why do they do it? Because that is what "does it" for them- for whatever reason.

Richard said...

Please allow me to add to fiery's response, with which I fully agree.

As a child acquires knowledge & experience both with his external world and his own way of thinking & emoting (right or wrong), he draws a great many subconscious conclusions or, if you like, 'senses' of the nature of the world, of other Men and of himself.

Together these build his psychology, his way of interpreting facts in light of his psychology (psycho-epistemology) and all of his character and soul (the deepest conclusions of all).

Somewhere in that complex development, one that is far beyond the capacity of modern psychology to understand, he develops his romantic and sexual sense.

While I believe a homosexual orientation is an error that has a number of unfortunate consequences, it is beyond the capacity of most homosexuals to even begin to alter it. It is just too deep.

Although too great a portion of today's (mainly male) homosexuals wantonly flaunt it, argue the impossible case that it is genetic, and demand special treatment, there are many decent homosexuals who just cannot possibly become heterosexual.

The latter, especially, do not deserve a lifetime deprived of the soul satisfying joy of romantic love and a truly good partner in life. Such a 'punishment', for an error beyond their control, is as despicable as caging an animal and regularly torturing it with sticks etc.

They deserve to be left to their own devices, and to be respected as human beings, especially in all other aspects of their lives, including their choice to raise children (something at which plenty of heterosexuals fail dismally).

Yes, for me the thought of a homosexual relationship is revolting, but I have absolutely no business interfering in their victim-less activities just because it does not appeal to me.

I also hold that view with respect to the worst forms of victim-less adult pornography (child porn, including its possession, is a heinous abomination). Respecting the rights of pornographers and homosexuals (combined here only for the purpose of the following point) are a test of one's understanding of individual rights and freedoms. Neither should be touched by state legislation. At most wanton sexual behavior (including that in porn), whether hetero~ or homo~sexual, only deserves disregard with a certain degree of disapproval.

Yes, homosexuality is a 'choice', but not at all in the casual sense of the word.

Johnny said...

While I believe a homosexual orientation is an error that has a number of unfortunate consequences I would love for you to elucitade what the unfortunate consequences are Richard I can't think of any? Whilst I totally agree with Fiery I am afraid I can not agree with the concept that it is a choice....If you say that it is beyond a homosexuals ability to change being a homosexual then where is the choice...when did you choose to be heterosexual? What a bout the many many examples of homosexuality in the animal kingdom documented in many species ranging from bisexual behaviour to a documented cases of monogomous species like penguins being in a lifelong gay partnership(new meaning to happy feet!!)...or maybe you don't think we are animals I don't know. But choosing to be gay I just dont think so.

Telmeimrong said...

johnny, You can't think of ANY unfortunate consequences of homosexuality?
That is not even intellectually honest.
Name one of the "many, many" examples of homosexual animals.
Are you saying that someone followed some penguins around, determined they were gay, documented that they were having gay sex in place of the regular sexual activity of penguins?
If the gay community wants to equate two animals going at it with their lifestyle, well then, go for it.

Johnny said...

tellmeimwrong (your wrong!)-
Why do you asses have to begin responses with a snipe? Not even intellectually honest huh? What do you know about intellect?
You would want to say that being persecuted for being gay is an unfortunate consequence....whilst it is an unfortunate consequence it is not a consequence of being gay it's a consequence of people being intolerant. Persecution of homosexuals is not ubiqitous there are some fortunate gay people who have never been persecuted there are some progressive countries that accept gay people and let them lead normal lives and even jeebus save us......get married!! Can you believe that tellmeimwrong (your wrong!)?
Homosexuals can't have offspring d'you reckon that might be another unfortunate consequence of homosexuality? Since when brother?Ever heard of people having sex? Gayness does not mean a man cannot put his penis in a vagina and inseminate a woman, but for sake of argument.... Ever heard of artificial insemination? Ohh that's right it's ARTIFICIAL insemination but hang on isn't man a part/product of nature? Too fucking true he is and I say by extention anything he does is in accordance with nature which as an aside I would like to address Richard and say that one of my points is you referring to nature being erroneous. I don't think nature can be erroneous this surely implies that nature can be right or wrong which is not how science sees nature. Scientifically [and yes tellmeimwrong (your wrong!) I'll get back to you on that in a minute] we wouldn't say is it right or wrong that the lion ate the zera, we might say when there is not much food around a lion will eat carrion but it's not usual it is anomolous but never erroneous. I would not say its erroneous as I would not say that any other anomolous behaviour is right or wrong it is just that....anomolous. I know you want to say that it is detrimental to the species but for the very reason I have just mentioned it is not! An anomolous percentage of a healthy population wether they be displaying homosexual behaviour or maybe displaying the phenotype of a ressecive congenital disorder that means they are infertile ie cant produce viable offspring in either not detrimental to the overall wellbeing of the species. Indeed if you study ecology there are tons of examples it is a normal part of a species overall population......which brings me back to
Are you saying that someone followed some penguins around, determined they were gay, documented that they were having gay sex in place of the regular sexual activity of penguins? OF COURSE that's what I'm saying you ignoramus!!!! Have you ever even heard of Science???? You do know that there are thousands of people in the real world who are scientists for a living??? That is, tellmeimwrong (your wrong!) they spend their lives studying certain aspects of the natural world, surely you can get that huh...I mean some people study the bible their whole lives for Cliffs sake!!!What a fairyland waste of time that fucking is!!! Give me a scientist any day!! There are indeed some people who follow penguins around all day studying their behaviour you fool!!!It's their life’s work!!! What an insult!!! You insult science like that and yet your quite happy to use the shit out of it!!! hell without science you wouldn't be getting this bolloking hahahahahahahaha!!!! Sorry about the length Fiery and people but this cock asked.........

This list includes animals for which there is documented evidence of homosexual or transgender behavior of one or more of the following kinds: sex, courtship, affection, pair bonding, or parenting, as listed in Bruce Bagemihl's 1999 scientific study Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity.
African Buffalo ,African Elephant ,Agile Wallaby ,Amazon River Dolphin (Boto) ,American Bison ,Asian Elephant ,Asiatic Lion ,Asiatic Mouflon ,Atlantic Spotted Dolphin ,Australian Sea Lion ,Barasingha ,Barbary Sheep ,Beluga ,Bharal ,Bighorn Sheep ,Black Bear ,Blackbuck ,Black-footed Rock Wallaby ,Black-tailed Deer ,Bonnet Macaque ,Bonobo ,Bottlenose Dolphin ,Bowhead Whale ,Brazilian Guinea Pig ,Bridled Dolphin ,Brown Bear ,Brown Capuchin ,Brown Long-eared Bat ,Brown Rat ,Caribou ,Cat (domestic) ,Cattle (domestic) ,Cheetah ,Collared Peccary ,Commerson's Dolphin ,Common Brushtail Possum ,Common Chimpanzee ,Common Dolphin ,Common Marmoset ,Common Pipistrelle ,Common Raccoon ,Common Tree Shrew ,Cotton-top Tamarin ,Crab-eating Macaque ,Crested Black Macaque ,Cui ,Dall's Sheep ,Daubenton's Bat ,Dog (domestic) ,Doria's Tree Kangaroo ,Dugong ,Dwarf Cavy ,Dwarf Mongoose ,Eastern Cottontail Rabbit ,Eastern Gray Kangaroo ,Elk ,Euro (a subspecies of wallaroo) ,European Bison ,Fallow Deer ,False Killer Whale ,Fat-tailed Dunnart ,Fin Whale ,Fox ,Gelada Baboon ,Giraffe ,Goat (Domestic) ,Golden Monkey ,Gorilla ,Grant's Gazelle ,Gray-headed Flying Fox ,Gray Seal ,Gray Squirrel ,Gray Whale ,Gray Wolf ,Grizzly Bear ,Guinea Pig (Domestic) ,Hamadryas Baboon ,Hamster (Domestic) ,Hanuman Langur ,Harbor Porpoise ,Harbor Seal ,Himalayan Tahr ,Hoary Marmot ,Horse (domestic) ,Human ,Indian Fruit Bat ,Indian Muntjac ,Indian Rhinoceros ,Japanese Macaque ,Javelina ,Kangaroo Rat ,Killer Whale ,Koala ,Kob ,Larga Seal ,Least Chipmunk ,Lechwe ,Lesser Bushbaby ,Lion ,Lion-tailed Macaque ,Lion Tamarin ,Little Brown Bat ,Livingstone's Fruit Bat ,Long-eared Hedgehog ,Long-footed Tree Shrew ,Markhor ,Marten ,Matschie's Tree Kangaroo ,Mohol Galago ,Moor Macaque ,Moose ,Mountain Goat ,Mountain Tree Shrew ,Mountain Zebra ,Mouse (domestic) ,Moustached Tamarin ,Mule Deer ,Musk-ox ,Natterer's Bat ,New Zealand Sea Lion ,Nilgiri Langur ,Noctule ,North American Porcupine ,Northern Elephant Seal ,Northern Fur Seal ,Northern Quoll ,Olympic Marmot ,Orangutan ,Orca ,Pacific Striped Dolphin ,Patas Monkey ,Pere David's Deer ,Pig (Domestic) ,Pig-tailed Macaque ,Plains Zebra ,Polar Bear ,Pretty-faced Wallaby ,Proboscis Monkey ,Pronghorn ,Przewalski's Horse ,Puku ,Quokka ,Rabbit ,Raccoon Dog ,Red Deer ,Red Fox ,Red Kangaroo ,Red-necked Wallaby ,Red Squirrel ,Reeves's Muntjac ,Reindeer ,Rhesus Macaque ,Right Whale ,Rock Cavy ,Rodrigues Fruit Bat ,Roe Deer ,Rufous Bettong ,Rufous-naped Tamarin ,Rufous Rat Kangaroo ,Saddle-back Tamarin ,Savanna Baboon ,Sea Otter ,Serotine Bat ,Sheep (Domestic) ,Siamang ,Sika Deer ,Slender Tree Shrew ,Sooty Mangabey ,Sperm Whale ,Spinifex Hopping Mouse ,Spinner Dolphin ,Spotted Hyena ,Spotted Seal ,Squirrel Monkey ,Striped Dolphin ,Stuart's Marsupial Mouse ,Stumptail Macaque ,Swamp Deer ,Swamp Wallaby ,Takhi ,Talapoin ,Tammar Wallaby ,Tasmanian Devil ,Tasmanian Rat Kangaroo ,Thinhorn Sheep ,Thomson's Gazelle ,Tiger ,Tonkean Macaque ,Tucuxi ,Urial ,Vampire Bat 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One-Year Canegrub ,Spreadwinged Damselfly spp. ,Spruce Budworm Moth ,Stable Fly sp. ,Stag Beetle spp. ,Tsetse Fly ,Water Boatman Bug ,Water Strider spp. ,

And finally, tellmeimwrong (your wrong!)
If the gay community wants to equate two animals going at it with their lifestyle, well then, go for it. that’s not what we were even talking about dumbass!! Though I don’t doubt it was that oxygen thief’s intent with his original question but this last statement is very telling of intolerance and basically being a bigot. Are you a bigot tellmeimwrong (your wrong!)? The intellectually honest crack shows me that you aren’t too bright which I guess is consistent with bigotry. How in fact does their lifestyle hurt you? How often have you had to go to hospital because of homosexuality? See a doctor? Do your eyes bleed if you see two of the same sex kissing? Flaunting it in the street does not hurt you, and I bet you think flaunting it in the street is holding hands!! Quick tip tellmeinwrong (your wrong!) next time there is a gay pride march don’t go mate! Pretty simple huh!! Look at your own lifestyle if you are a bigot and a hater then there is something wrong with you.
This goes fucking triple for that asshair reg golb keep up the good work jerk!!Here's a little test for you golb if your going to reply to this see if you can say something that wont get your ass deleted.
Richard I hope you got to the end of this I would like to hear what you think, I am just wondering if I have intepreted your defenition of erroneous correctly. Fiery mate sorry again about the length and the rantypants but well…you know me!!

Telmeimrong said...

It is intolerant only by your definition of tolerant. People don't tolerate something they agree with. You only have to tolerate something you don't agree with. I am tolerant of what goes on in your bedroom.
Yes, I believe that some gays get married, a twisted definition of the word, and lead "normal" lives.

You anomoly example is just silly. I am concerned with what is detrimental to society. The lion example is so flawed, anyone can see it. The act of the lion is getting food, what he eat is not the issue, it is "that" he eats. If what you said is true then the entire human race is an anomoly, we eat terribly. The anomoly with homosexuality is much more obvious. To me, gay sex is wrong, just like sex outside of marriage. And by the way, I am equally intolerant of both. It is outside the norm, but again, if it stays private, then I don't care what goes on.

It might be normal for a certain percentage of the species to be phenotypically different. First, gayness, is not a phenotype until they prove it is a genotype. Second, the problem I have is the effort to mainstream the lifestyle.

To the animals. Yes, I am saying that NO scientist can follow two penguins around their whole life, verify that they are "gay" and understand what they are thinking and feeling. It is absurd to say you can. Why do two penguins have gay sex. NO ONE knows. Maybe they are retarded and don't know the difference, maybe they have a genetic defect. Maybe they do it for safety and security, or maybe they just don't want to have a baby penguin. Who cares, are they running around the neighborhood trying to tell everyone they are "normal" to use your word. Again, NO ONE knows, maybe they are, maybe they aren't, WE DON'T SPEAK PENGUIN.
I am a scientist. I study, observe, draw conclusions. That is science, not interpreting penguin behavior based on human behavior.
You are deluded if you think I am wrong about your intellectual honesty. Anyone who debates understand that you have to put yourself in your opponents shoes and try to understand their point of view. Try it. I can definitely see your argument. Your wrong, but I can be honest enough to say that I see it.

I will admit I am a bigot. I disagree with the gay lifestyle and especially their attempt to normalize it. I don't hate you, or any gay person. I do hate your effort to convince my daughter that your actions are normal. I hate the fact that gay people want to adopt, and get married. Sorry son, you won't change my mind there. Dont' tell me that flaunting it in the street doesn't hurt me, I will decide what hurts. I hope this makes the cut. I saw that reg has been banned.

Fiery said...

Johnny- rant on mate, take the length you need to make the point you have.

Telmeimwrong (you're wrong!) You can stay and play as long as there's a functioning brain behind your words.

When reg golb has something intelligent to say, his comment stays, if he's just being a cunt, it goes.

Telmeimrong said...

Thank you fiery, Even in your disagreement, you must have seen some functioning brain on my side

My name, tellmeimrong, has several meanings. One, I want to hear other opinions. Two. I have an opinion about everything with which I have knowledge. Three, It may come across as a bit cocky, and that is my personality in a fun way. And I mean fun for me, if you disagree with me, then I will probably tick you off.

We have heard johnny's rant as to where and why I am wrong. How about you. Am I totally wrong?

Fiery said...

Before I am able to properly discuss this with you, tellmeimwrong (you're wrong!), I would like to know what you consider to be the "unfortunate consequences of being a homosexual". By not including that information, you have rather left us guessing as to what you "might" mean, which really forces us to build straw men and knock them down.

So let's open with that one and proceed from there.

I'm shifting this to a new blog post a) so I don't have to generate a new one and b) so more can participate

If you would be so kind as to take any new comments on this subject to the new post, I'd be most grateful. :-)

Rick said...

Geez I stay away for another month and look at all the interesting things I have missed again.I definately need to comment on the Homosexual thread so go there and look for it.Loved the Applebees story Fiery.Made me smile.