Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aussies on Parade

There are so many people in this world who have lives that are filled with everyday challenges and horrors that I do not have to face and hopefully never will.

But somehow, that brings small comfort when life kicks you in the ass. Because I am not living their life, I'm just trying to slog through my own.

A friend recommended that I give Babylon 5, a sci-fi television series, a look see. Being the left-to-right sort of person that I am, I started at the beginning and watched all the way through 5 seasons worth of shows, every single one of them. HOLY SHIT that is an awesome series!!!!
I've always been a Star Trek fan, but never have I thought the creators of Star Trek were above reproach. They made some of the stupidest decisions I have ever seen. But B5... wow. The story line flows from the first show, all the way through to the last, cohesively. I can only imagine that they had the whole thing sketched out first.

I'm planning on watching it again, this time at a much slower pace and capture even more of the amazing things they had the characters saying during the series.

This last bit has been fair warning, that from time to time on my blog here, you will see a B5 quote, so this is the one time I yap about how much I love the series, after that I'll just get to the quote.

I've been known upon occassion to complain,"That's not fair!" and then some assbag will always reply, "Who ever said life was fair?" And I always hated that. ALWAYS. I'd usually reply, "Well who said life shouldn't be?" Then I heard Marcus say this on B5.

I used to think that it was awful that life was so unfair.
Then I thought, "Wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair?
And all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them?"

So now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe.
~ Marcus, ranger, Babylon 5

So, the universe, after a week of complete shite which culminated in the dumbest argument I've ever had in my life to date- topic: toothpaste, smiled upon me. I had the best late afternoon and evening yesterday. Good things started happening and they just kept piling on top of each other and I'm still smiling inside because of them.

First- I went to the library and chatted with a new friend of mine, very fun! *waves hello*

Second- While I was waiting for the monsoon-type rain to let up, I heard from a really old friend that he will be returning safely from Iraq after 1.5 years in a few days. *waves an American flag*

Third- I received a completely unexpected gift from another new friend *chucks him on the shoulder*
(He's an Aussie, they don't actually do the shoulder chucking thing in Oz, but hey, as an American, it's my obligation to bring culture and refinement to those living on an old prison colony.) *snerk*

Fourth- The Forum I'm a member of gave me a really cool sounding totally unique title to go under my name when I log in, and now I'm going to have to post more often, just to see it show up. PLUS, I've got some assumed responsibilities to go with it, since it says "Foreign Correspondent". *happy dance*

Fifth- I took my son to karate class and he had the best class in a long time. He got to work with Matt, a fabulous instructor, who is really great with kids. He explains things in great detail, is very patient, and gets down on his knees to be at the same level as my son for better targeting. I watched my son blossom under his tutelage, learning a lot, and all from a teacher who was enjoying the process as much as I was enjoying watching it. Do you know what a treat that is to see someone enjoy working with your child? Just a beautiful feeling.

Sixth- When we got home from karate class, there was pizza waiting on the table for us, fresh from the oven.

Seventh- New e-mails from new friends awaited me when I logged into my e-mail accounts.

*BLISSFUL SIGH* Life is good and the pendulum always swings the other way.


Christian said...

It is so wonderful to see another post after a while.And such a happy one. I am happy for you Fiery :-)
foreign correspondent ha ha that is funny. A lot of new responsibility for you do you think you can handle it lol

janice said...

Good luck with your new position as "Foreign Correspondent"!

Life is good!

Fiery said...

I dunno Christian, a lot of implied duties, nothing specific. guess that means I make up my own job description. WOOHOOO. Looking forward to it, might take a few days to get into the groove.

Thanks for stoppin' back!!!

Janice- where ya been? Thanks for the good wishes! :-D

King Aardvark said...

B5 was pretty good. I missed the 5th season (the stopped televising it in my area after the 4th, which kind of annoyed me). From what I've read, the writers did plan out the whole story arc before the show started, and included several "outs" that allowed them to write out characters if the actor became unavailable or circumstances changed.

Poodles Rule said...

Sad to say it, but I am so looking forward to the next Star Trek movie. JJ Abrams (Lost) is doing it. There are also ramblings about a new X-Files movie next year, one that pays homage to the old X-Files when it was just creepy shit and not conspiracy alien shit.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Foreign Correspondant means that you have to keep us updated on those Crazy American Fundies.

Oh and whip the recalcitrant convicts into line.

Protium said...

"But somehow, that brings small comfort when life kicks you in the ass."
Which of course is a Donkey!
*chucks Fiery on the shoulder*

Please check that Matt isn't a fundie... I don't want to hear he stoned your children ;-)

I've stopped lurking
*high fives Fiery*

Fiery said...

I don't think Matt is a full-on fundy, but he is achristian. Seems to me he belongs to the holy roller church (Assembly of God)Doesn't seem to affect his ability to teach karate though.

As for stoning my kids, he'd have to get through Fiery and Mama Bear mode trumps 4th degree black belt. ;-)

Welcome to my blog Protium, I was hoping you'd stop lurking and make your presence known. :-D

Xavier Onassis said...

I need to take a Deep Dive into the B5 universe. The few episodes I saw, I liked. I especially liked the fact that Billy Mumy was back. Love the Mumy!

I too am looking forward to the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek. Matt Damon as Young Kirk? Is that right?

Best X-Files episode ever...Charles Nelson Reilly. I'm just sayin'.

Fiery said...

Hi XO! Lennier (Mumy) was one of my favorite characters in the series. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend watching from the start, it is amazingly coherent and it is essential to have all the pieces from the begining. Rarely do they insult your intelligence with a "previously on B5" at the begining of the episode.

Xavier Onassis said...

Billy Mumy just always struck me as one of those uncharacteristically normal child stars.

Like Ron Howard.

Never lost his mind, never wound up in the tabloids maxed out on drugs and hookers.

How did they do that?

If I was Billy Mumy I'm pretty sure I would have been all over the news teaching Laura Cartright, Marta Kristen and even Lassie's mom, June Lockheart how to give "body shots". I'd have been like Rick James.


Poodles Rule said...

I would have to concur with the Charles Nelson Reilly comment. However, most disturbing show in the history of public TV ever... X-Files "Home" episode. Still gives me the ickies thinking about it.

Ginny said...

So B5 rocks huh? I am now going to have to see if any of my friends has the series on dvd and give it a try, or else just rent a couple and see what I think. It is on dvd right?

P.S. glad things are going so well for you!