Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mark Cahill e-mail & his proof of god

Just to make sure Cahill and I are on the same page, I e-mailed him and asked him "what is faith?". He replied...

The best definition of faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

What you really want to distinguish is between blind faith and a calculated faith. You don’t blindly believe in Australia.

You look at evidence to make that decision. The same thing is that you don’t believe Australia is in the northern hemisphere. The evidence doesn’t lend you to believe that. So you look at evidence to make your decision.

You do the same thing with God. You take a look at the evidence and see if it is there. If you believe in no god, then you take a look at the evidence to see if it backs up your belief system.

So as you can see, the search is always for truth. I never look for something to believe in. I search for the truth.

Keep searching for the truth. You will find it.

Faith, evidence, truth. Tied together to look rational.


Many people believe there is no God because they are convinced that science has fully explained how our universe came to be.

What scientist on the planet claims ANYTHING is *fully* explained let alone the origins of the universe?

How is it that we can predict the precise day of a full moon or an eclipse, or determine whether to expect a violent thunderstorm or a fresh snowfall? Where does lightning come from, or a brilliant rainbow?

SCIENCE- Science allows us to do these things. Yet Cahill implies that god is providing these answers. I can think of a few meteorologists who wasted a lot of time in school learning to interpret weather data when maybe they should have been in church learning to hear god's voice.

So if everything man-made has a creator, designer, artist, or orderer behind it, why would we not think that there is a Creator, Designer, Artist, and Orderer behind the universe?

Logically, we know that there cannot be an unpainted painting, an unsculpted sculpture, an undesigned design. That just doesn't make sense. And it makes much less sense for us to base our eternal destiny on something that we know is not reasonable.

Something from Nothing -> Big Bang
Cause and Effect -> First Cause
Evidence of Design -> Blind Chance
Moral Law -> Mindless, random, chance processes

I cannot do it.

I cannot continue to read this tripe and and reinvent the wheel debunking it. I have seen nothing that has not been addressed by Dawkins, Smith, and the others.

I also owe you an apology for an appallingly boring couple of blog entries.


Christian said...

I think Mark looks a little bit scary! You don't have to appologise it's your blog dude! I didn't think they were that boring anyway however I could be wrong seeing as there are no other comments here. Ha ha

Fiery said...

Cahill is a deluded twat who makes it his business to rob others of their ability to reason.

Well I'm off to beard the fundy in his own den. He called to tell me he is finished reading Atheism: The Case Against God, $20 says he didnt read more than the first 4 chapters, if that.

We shall see.....