Tuesday, August 7, 2007

abandoned pets

My neighbors down the street a bit are going through a bad seperation possible divorce proceedings right now. I'm not even sure they are still occupying their house- no trash put out on collection days, no more dogs tied up all day out front, no sign of their kid at the park.

What there is though, is their cat. He keeps showing up in our yard, meowing and lonely and purrs like crazy when my 2 go out to see him. At first I thought he was lonely because the kids had been taken away from the parents and no longer live there. Now, I'm not sure anyone is taking care of him. He is getting so scrawny and it is sad to see. The life of a feral cat is nasty, brutish and short, usually ending as road kill.

I've been having the kids set out food and clean water for him for 2 days now.

It's just so damn sad. They didn't do that cat any kindness by turning it loose to fend for itself. Death by starvation and disease is a terrible end to a cat's life.



Gramomster said...

Oh, poor kitty! I am a big cat lover. Used to hate 'em. Allergic like fuck! Then, my brother's cat had kittens. I woke up with all five of them asleep on my neck/face, and lo and behold, I could breathe! Took one home for the daughter, loved the thing, haven't had fewer than 3 cats since. Often more.

I'm glad you're feeding the poor thing. Some feral cats actually do okay, surprisingly enough. My mom had this giant white cat. When she moved out of San Francisco, she moved into Northern CA, onto a mountain. The first thing, the cat bolted as soon as the car door opened. They never caught her. As much as 6 years later, though, her old neighbors still saw that cat. We could hardly believe it, as she was solid white, and had lived for several years hiding under any furniture far enough off the floor for her to get under. She never got gotten by an owl, or a racoon, or a coyote or anything.

I guess that's my long-winded way of saying, if you just can't keep feeding this critter, just know you did what you could, and try to not feel guilty. The thing just might live out loooooong kitty days regardless.

Poodles Rule said...

Please consider calling a local rescue so that they can have the kitty fixed so they don't continue the population problem and adopted out. If you need help finding one I might be able to help.

Fiery said...

That's a hell of an idea. There is a local group here that I had my 2 fixed through PAAWS that would probably do it. He's a good kitty and deserves a family.

Poodles Rule said...

PAAWS is excellent, they would probably be happy to pick up the cat.