Wednesday, August 15, 2007

All Hail Fall!!!!

Summer is gone
The worst of the heat is past!
I survived another one without melting into a puddle of goo.

What does this have to do with anything?
Nothing, it is a perfectly innane topic but it makes me happy so I shared.

What's squeezing your happy trigger today?


Poodles Rule said...

It has still been over 100 here. I must say, I really hate fall, not because it is fall, I like fall on it's own, but I really really really hate winter.

Joy today will be provided by a free lunch from Cafe Rio.

Christian said...

Hey I finally got a google account!
Wow I saw on the news that it was 122 degrees the other day.. wooee it must have been in death valley! For those hunky aussies thats 49.9999999 lets call it 50 huh!
My joy for the day will be finishing work in 2 hours (already been here 12 hrs)! I'm still laughing at Jeebus H Toasterchrist!

Christian said...

Oh and being a Thursday I get to pick up my beautiful little dot from school this arvo.(we don't live together)that really gives me happiness! Everybody say OHHHHH *spew*

Fiery said...

Christian, a very VERY warm welcome to my blog!!!!!

Everyone- meet Christian! He's another aussie atheist that I've met recently.

Now to get Christian blogging and podcasting so I can listen to his yummy accent as well. ;-)

Did you know that if you type in "slang arvo" into google the first page it pulls up is an Aussie slang dictionary? I'M IN!!!!! WAHOOOO.

As for Jeebus H. Toasterchrist, still makes me laugh too. :-D

I hope you have a great time with your beautiful little dot, they grow so quickly.

Fiery said...

Poodles, I would rather have it winter all year long then live through 122*F/50*C weather for any length of time.

I hate hate hate the heat.

But I love the snow, the chill winter air, the icy night sky with chrystaline stars. Sipping cocoa in front of a fire, snuggling under a blanket with a good book.

Hope you have a great lunch at Cafe Rio!!!!

Poodles Rule said...

I don't hate the snow per se. I am not fond of cold, I like comfortable, but what I really dislike about winter...driving. I hate winter driving. People always forget that 4 wheel drive just means that all 4 tires will slide on ice.

Fiery said...

Or that the soft poofy snow will protect them so no need to slow down early for a stop light.

ARGH!!! Where do people leave their brains when they get behind the wheel????

Toni said...

Maybe god will catch them?

Fiery said...

Isn't there a really lame country song about jeebus taking the wheel?

Hope the fundies don't try that while you and I are on the road!

Poodles Rule said...

I hate when I forget to change my log in. The last pansy comment was me. And thanks for getting that horrible Carrie Underwood song stuck in my head.

janice said...

I am so with you on this one FE!

I LOVE fall and loath the summer heat, unless I'm on Hatteras Island and within walking distance to an air conditioned beach house!

Fall and winter have always been my favorite seasons.

Love the snow and blizzards RULE! Sitting with a fire roaring, a good book and a cup of tea.

I love driving in the snow, since I was born in January, I was taught to drive durring the worst of the winter months.

I also Love the crisp fall wind and rustle of dry leaves blowing across the lawn.

Hate the heat, hate the heat, hate the heat!

Fiery said...

The pic kind of gave it away a bit there, but who am I to criticize, I've commented myself under my other name. WOW was that embarassing. oops

As for the song, that'll teach you to listen long enough to get it stuck in your head. HA!


Reg Golb said...

I am happy because I just heard that the hurricane models were changed. You gotta laugh when a scientist can't predict this years weather but are convinced the world is melting.
Fall means football

Christian said...

Whooaa blogging and podcasting!!! Would that be too much of an evolutionary leap in my web life!
My evolutionary web timeline-

infinity - 0 Prewebrian epoch
0-155,000 x 10³seconds Pornacious epoch
155,000 x 10³ - 200,000 x 10³ Gameozoic epoch
200,000 x 10³ - Present day Wikizoin and Blogviewocene epoch.

Maybe I am moving in that direction huh? I still jump in the internet time machine and visit the Pornacious Era though!!

Fiery said...

So is your Pornacious Era the pictorial era, the literaturical era or possibly the videoric era?


Christian said...

In keeping with my male evolution the pictorial and the vidioieric eras are better documented than the literaturical era. That's only for the highbrow scholars! :)