Tuesday, September 18, 2007

fun in the sun

The summer heat has passed! YEAH!!! And now I can renew my worship of the sun.

Hold the phone, an atheist....worshiping....the sun?

First- atheists don't worship things right?
Let me consult my trusty atheist bible: the source of all knowledge, wisdom and morality for atheists everywhere...Oh that's right, there isn't just one source for knowledge, wisdom, and morality. Well then, instead of consulting the source of all knowledge etc..., let me instead consult a source of knowledge- my trusty dictionary. Oh mighty dictionary, do atheists worship?

1)reverent love and respect for a deity or sacred object
2)love or devotion (ardent attachment or affection) to a person or thing

So- do I, atheist that I am, worship the sun? Well let's see, I am drawn to patches of sunlight; I enjoy sitting in the sun's rays and feeling it on my face and through my clothes; I love watching it shine on my hair; and I become melancholy if the sun hides its face from me on long overcast days.

Second- If I like the sun so much, why wait until the season of the sun is over to enjoy it?

There's really a simple and quite rational explanation for this shocking idea. I'm a very fair-skinned red-head and I burn very quickly in the summer sun. When I step outside in a short sleeved shirt the sun on my forearms feels as if it is burning my skin right then and there, a most unpleasant sensation. But the rest of the year, as the sun is in retreat, ohhhhhh the sensation of sun on bare skin is exquisite, the most delicious sense of being warmed from the outside.

I've got a south facing bay window and the sun beats in so wonderfully during the fall and winter. I spent an hour playing Go Fish with my son while lying in a pool of sunlight. Aaahhh to be able to enjoy the heat again without feeling like I am going to get crispy around the edges.



Poodles said...

Welcome fall!
Fuck winter!
Sorry... I really dislike winter, mostly because of the retards who forget how to drive in snow.

Fiery said...

ahhhh poor Poodles, you live in Moron Land, the land of marry your 14 year old cousin because jeebus said be fruitful and multiply. It's really no wonder they can't drive in winter.

Usually things settle down after the first ice over of the season. Then people remember to slow down WELL before the interesections and lightly pump the brakes, not push their toe through the floor boards.


Me- I LOVE winter. L-O-V-E the snow and the cold. Even like shoveling my driveway. Best time of year for snuggling under a blanket with a good... book. :-D

Poodles said...

People here have trucks and 4x4 suvs and they think they won't slide on ice.

Richard said...

Wow, Poodles, I always think of Salt Lake, Utah, as being way south of where I live. I figured it would be hot with little snow, if it were not for being continental and therefore far from the mitigating effects of the oceans.

I checked the latitude of Toronto, Ontario with Salt Lake and your city is only three degrees latitude south of us! One degree is about 69 miles, so you are only about 207 miles or, three and a half hours driving, south of us.

We have the same idiot drivers here. The first snowstorm or two they drive at half the speed the conditions allow, and then enough of them start driving at speeds above what conditions allow. Then when their is a bare dusting of snow on dry pavement there is that 5% who drive as if it were a foot deep. Damn they get in the way!

I drive fast in snow, but always keep *wide* distances and am alert to irregularities that might cause traction loss. When I see someone driving the same way I do I rather like it. But the guys who treat a truly snowy road (not even with clear pavement tracks) as if it were dry pavement are fricken nuts.

We have strange weather here because the Great Lakes can cause a lot of snow (Buffalo tends to get heavily dumped upon), or abruptly melt the snow, etc. depending on wind direction and the various fronts that come through. On the other hand a 90 minute drive North is ski country, tons of snow that rarely melts away enough to stop the skiing.

I am a bit like Fiery, I like crisp clear days where the sun cannot quite turn everything into slush. that usually means colder than -5 degrees Celsius (23 Fahrenheit).

For those physically able, take up snowboarding if you can afford it. Get fit enough if you are not. Learn, then teach your kids. In Utah, "Salty Peaks" has equipment, then hit the Wasatch Mtns. You can rent first of course.

Enjoy the beauty and the powder, it can be an awesome "Life and the World is beautiful" experience. God will not save you from falls. Falls are Nature's punishment for the sin of failing to grasp what you *must* do at particular conditions and speeds.

Nature can be a bitch but, if work with her, she can be an 'angel'. Did Francis Bacon say that? ;-)

Poodles said...

I would agree the snow is pretty, if I am in a nice warm building looking at it while drinking a hot tottie.

Winters here can be pretty...schizophrenic. Last winter was pretty mild, but we have had some with several FEET of snow in one dropping. The mountains are hit hardest (we hope, we need the water, it is still a desert) and it is only about a 20 min drive to the ski resorts.

I don't ski, it has never really been my idea of a good time to go down a hill on two sticks (or one if a snow board). Now though, my rheumatologist would probably kill me if I tried something like that (some nonsense about causing more wear on my already fragile joints than need be, JERK).

We can even get snow at odd times of the year here. It snowed on my wedding day April 20. It has snowed in June. Mother nature here needs some zoloft.

Johnny said...

Ha Fiery the Sun worshipper..come to my country and you'll see some sun worshippers! At least the Sun is a real thing..It's there you can see it haha not like adult santa.
Wasn't there a winter olympic games held in Salt Lake city?
Richard oh man I am very jelous of where you are..I have been snowboarding since its inception (about.... shit 20 years...that can't be true) here at any rate..I am firstly a skateboarder well also a skier but haven't done that for lets see oh about 20 years I wonder why. The mountains in Australia are ok but nothing like real mountains that have snow all year round and real powder oh man I would love that...It has also become prohibitively expensive here too... crap...so it has been a while since I have been snowboarding.
Lucky we have awesome beaches and that I love the beach.

Fiery said...

Johnny- sounds like you need a trip to the good ole USofA for some serious snowboarding time. Winter is on its way and the ski resorts will be open soon.

Poodles said...

They say we have the best powder anywhere. I don't know what that means, but I think it must be a drug reference. :D

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I went away on holidays for 2 weeks and when I returned the temperature had jumped 10 degrees.

I love winter, but then our winters are dry and crisp, with 17 degrees celcius being a good day.

Fiery said...

If you don't get snow, I don't think you should really call it winter. Extended fall perhaps. Dry season, or wet season if that's when the precipitation comes.

Winter is snow, and frozen breath, and hot chocolate, and shivering, and snowboarding, and glittery ice, and curling with a warm blanket in front of the fire place.

Poor Aussies, no snow unless they climb their highest mountains.

Johnny said...

We do have New Zealand close to us though I guess...good snow there!! and if you want to go boarding for a couple of weeks it's actually cheaper to go there even with air fares!!Trouble is you..... hev to like igg ind littice sendwetches ind fush und chups hahahaha

Fiery said...

"igg ind littice sendwetches"?? no cud should ever have to eat an igg ind littice sendwetche.


egg on a sandwitch.*gag*

Fush und chups might be kind of nice. As long as they have tartare sauce.

Poodles said...

My husbands kiwi friend got him hooked on eating a fried egg on hamburgers. Blech! That is a heart attack waiting to happen.

Johnny said...

Hahahahahahahaha Fiery, damn fuckin straight no cud should have to eat igg un u sendwetche hahahahahaha I love just about anything in a sandwitch but not egg yuk strange I like egg and I like sandwitches but together BLECH. Cucumber and cheese with a touch of mayo good cricket tea break sandwitches oh yepper they rock!
Haha Poodles hamburger with the lot has to have a fried egg on it oh and fried onion mmmmm and cheese and a slice of pineapple, lettuce,tomato oh and definitely beetroot (ha ha he said root)anyone here hungry shit I am...a propper fat hamburger with the lot from a fish and chip shop oh yeah. Of course Fiery a piece of deep fried flake with tartare sauce..........right fuck it i'm of to the fish and chip shop right now!!

Fiery said...

I was scoping out wikipedia and an online dictionary as crossreference and in both cases under HEDONIST it said See Johnny.

I can't abide fried eggs. Blech. soft, hard, over easy, gack.

On the other hand, I liked deviled egg sandwiches and scrambled eggs w/ salsa and cheese on toast. YUMMY!


Eggs- they're such a weird food.

Fiery said...

Hang on, hang on, did you say you put fried egg, pineapple and beetroot on a perfectly good hamburger????!!!!

You Aussies must have iron gullets WOW!

I think my stomach just rolled over. I'm going to go eat somethiing normal now, like lutefisk.

NOT! NOT!! NOT!!! I would rather eat one of Johnny's hamburgers, root and all then lutefisk. Shimmering pile of snot on a plate.