Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ode to getting LIT at Applebee's

Third tries the charm isn't it? WAHAHAHAHAA I posted this fucker on the wrong blog- TWICE and have to cut and paste it- TWICE. FUCKING HAHAHAHAHA. FIERY'S BRAIN IS SOOOOO HAMMERED. Fucking world. FUCKIT. Now you get to enjoy it here. Signed in to two fucking blogs in the same fucking window. WOW aren't I a nerd? HOORAH to the one who can find the other blog. TALK TO ME GODDAMIT!!!!!! Sorry, that's just meant for one.

On with the orignal post.

How do I love booze, let me count the ways.

1- Flavor inhancer- omfg. We went to Applebee's tonight. *groan* oh god. oh my god the food is so fantastic. I started the meal with a 16 oz. Long Island Tea on an empty stomach consumed in about ohhhh I'm a sipper so I'd hazzard a guess and say 5 minutes. ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!!!!! So then we order and it arrives and I've already requested a 2nd Tea and mmmmmmmm omg. We ordered and shared a burger with onion rings and boneless buffalo chicken wings and mozarella sticks. FUCK YEAH!!! OMG The taste was mmmmmmm and oh god. + booze = Fiery enjoying the texture of the food. I could twirl the moza stick and feel the breading with my finger tips mmmmmmmm. oh yes. oh god it was soooooo goood. I couldn't stop saying mmmmmmmmm

2- Mood enhancer- is that fucking spelled IN or EN? Who cares it was enhanced and enchanting and god it was just sooooo funny. OH I am so glad someone invented Long Island Teas. Artificial happiness in a beverage, and the second one allowed me to maintain the buzz by sipping as I ate. Did I mention how emotionally UP alchohol is???? OH YEAH!!! Nothing like dehydration to make the world a sunny happy space eh Johnny? mmmm

3- Libido activation device- So the waiter's name was Mike and I managed to get through the meal without flirting with him. Though at one point if he'd asked at that moment how the food was I was tempted to hump his leg to show my appreciation. FUCKING FANTASTIC DUDE!!!! That's how the food is. Jeebus H. Toasterchrist everything tasted good. So- managed to not flirt with the waiter, mainly because he was fucking 20 and anyone that flirts with someone 14 years their junior is just a sick fuck. So- no flirting with Mike, who, if I had humped his leg would have lost his low slung pants and Fiery didn't want to see Mike Jr. kwim?

So- I went to Applebee's today and had a really great time. Ohhhhhhh I LOVE Applebee's. Greatest restaurant on earth.

Love Fiery


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Regarding your third point, have you seen Age of Love starring the Australian tennis player Mark Phillapousis?

Fiery said...

No I sure haven't, does he hump the waitresses leg in that one? Or was there something specifically intersting about that movie?

Ginny said...

Doesn't take much to please you huh? ;)

Fiery said...

It has long been a personal motto of mine to really REALLY dig in and enjoy the little things that bring happiness and getting LIT just makes that so much easier. There's few enough of the big things in life, so why wait for those to experience bliss?

It doesn't take much to bring sparks of happiness to me. Sometimes it is as simple as a long awaited email from a friend, or even a good meal at a good restaurant. Heck, I've even heard of people getting excited about seeing bear scat.

Fiery is an easy to lite bonfire waiting to burst into flames of joy, wish the wood lasted longer though.

Poodles Rule said...

If I ever saw someone hump a waiters leg I would laugh so hard I would have to go home and change my pants.

King Aardvark said...

FYI: Age of Love is a "reality" show. Phillipoussis (man, I really have no idea how to spell that) is doing the batchelor thing except that there's a twist: he's in his 30s and he has to select a gal from a group of ladies in their 20s or a group in their 40s. So, yeah, he's flirting with girls 14 years younger, probably.

I mean, you can go and pickup some near jailbait, but you'll have to accept that you'll be called a cougar.

Speaking of that, how come females who engage in this practice are called "cougars", whereas males don't have a specific name - they tend to be called things along the lines of "filthy old bastard?"

Anyway, I appreciate what you mean about drinking on the empty stomach. Last week I had two beers on an empty stomach while waiting for my wings (really. slow. service.) and I could feel it even then. On a reasonably full stomach, I won't be feeling it until after 6 or 7 drinks.

Fiery said...

Thank you King A. I had no idea what "Age of Love" was and it didn't google definitively.

I've never heard of the "cougar" term before, it was always just "cradle robbing".

In return... why is it called "sowing wild oats" for men but being a slut for a woman????

I love drinking on an empty stomach. The buzz lasts sooooooo long! :-)

Joe said...

Funny how a Long Island Tea or two makes dinner taste all so much better! Of course, if I had two of them I'd be face first in said dinner, but I'm a cheap date.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

The show was morbidly fascinating and embarassing at the same time. It was no advertisement for the intelligence of young american women that's for sure. In fact all were fairly neurotic.

Poodles Rule said...

I think the Phillippousis guy ended up picking one of the young stupid girls too. (Imagine that).

Johnny said...

Ha ha poodles rules Mark Phillipousis is just a smidge dumber than dirt himself!!! My ears tend to start bleeding if ever I hear him talk. Not that great of a tennis player really fact now that I think about it he is a bit of an oxygen thief! *waves* Hi there Fiery I like booze too!!

Fiery said...

Johnny- welcome to my blog mate! *waving back*

lol dumber than dirt. That is a hilarious way of putting it. I have a dear friend who once called a fundy christian doing bible readings on the ABC dumber than dirt. I ended up snerking water all over myself on that one.
At least it wasn't pop that bloody hurts when it goes up your nose.

King Aardvark said...

FYI: Phillipousis basically just had a monster serve but really wasn't very good at anything else.

Ginny said...

Heck, I've even heard of people getting excited about seeing bear scat.

Imagine that! Weirdos...;)

Fiery said...

It's the little things in life, isn't it Ginny. :-)

I've never seen bear scat, if it was fresh, I probably would have scatted myself.

King Aardvark said...

I can understand people getting excited about seeing bear scat.

Just so you know, squirrel poop looks exactly like watermelon seeds. It's not something that most people know. I would have been excited about discovering that fact for myself, except the squirrel in question was pooping on my desk in the grad student office when it happened.

Fiery said...

And what does aardvark scat look like?????


If an aardvark shits by himself in the wood, does it still stink?

too much algebra not enough lunch.