Thursday, May 10, 2007

where's george?

I received a "marked bill" when I was at PetSmart on Monday. Didn't notice until today, but who screens their money that carefully?

It's part of the United States Currency Tracking Program. What I can't decide if it is a way to check the effectiveness of tracking devices already in place on our money, or if it is just for fun to see where a bill goes in its lifetime.

I'm hoping for the latter, and paranoid about the former.

The website is Now to track the bill I so dutifully entered I just click on the link provided wheresgeorge in the comments section
Apparently some of the bills have had some pretty wild rides, placed in church offering plate, next received at a strip club.

The bill which I received as change for kitty litter is going to my son as his allowance. Most likely to be spent at WalMart.

Happy Trails George!


Crazyman Bob said...

If you wanted to, you could send your money to me and I would tell you where I spend it! lol

Fiery Ewok said...

Hi Crazyman Blog! Thanks for stopping by my bob!

Good grief your craziness seems to be contiguous. I mean your craziness is courageous. ARGH...It's catchy!

wheresgeorge said...

People can use this link to track your bill...

... so could you please remove the serial number from your original post so people don't go entering the bill with new entries themselves? thanks.

Fiery Ewok said...

wheresgeorge... how odd that you would find my little old blog and assume that people here would update the bill themselves. Even more so, since the post was made in the middle of May. Also, I was surpised you went to trouble of creating a link for other people to access the bill.

I checked on the bill in question and no one has submitted any false entries. Unless you've cleaned them up.

Weird. Anyway, I complied with your request, though my conspiracy fears have risen to new levels.

Rick said...

I was the one who alerted wheresgeorge about this.Grant that this is kind of hidden away (I only have 2 hits on my page) in blog world,there are people who do create false entries on the site.I could have very easily made the entry but did not.Thank you for going to the trouble of removing the info.

Fiery Ewok said...

wow. Apparently the accuracy of wheresgeorge is really important to some people. I always considered it a mildly amusing pastime.

So Rick, do you read my blog, or just google where's george to see if anyone is writing about him???

Rick said...

Actually I have bookmarked your blog.I was only curious as if anyone on Blogger commented on WG.It is an interesting hobby just to see where and how far money travels.I am not obssesed with it as some are.I will be visiting often and may leave comments elsewhere as time permits.You must have seen my blog.Got 2 hits on it after I commented here.

Fiery Ewok said...

In that case, welcome to my blog Rick! I hope you enjoy it. I like the little community that has developed through this blog.

I always try and check out the blogs of people who comment on mine. See what they have to say on their home turf.

Rick said...

Well I need to find an appropriate topic to respond to your positions.I am 50% in agreement on your basic positions.But like I said I will post on one of your exisiting topics.

Brian Kuhl said...

Yeah. Accuracy counts. If people could randomly hit bills that they didn't have, it would take the fun out of it.

Fiery said...

Hello Brian,

Welcome to my blog! :-D
Accuracy is important in so many areas of life. I had no idea when I put up the post that I was jeapordizing the accuracy of the "where's george" site, I just wanted people to see the journey of the bill I intercepted.

It was very kind of wheresgeorge to provide a link so the bill wouldn't be unduly credited with amazing trips around the globe.