Tuesday, May 1, 2007

prove you are not in denver

I just had the weirdest experience. I'm over at Stardust's Blog and she asks if I am in the same location as Dani. Because her sitemeter says that whenever I post it rings in as Denver.

Now how do I go about, through the annonymity of the internet, and "prove" that I am really not in Denver, CO? That I really *am* in Minnesota? WEIRD!!!!

I've got nothing. What do I provide, a description of the weather? A picture of me with a local paper? Live video feed of me with my lap top in front of a local monument? I've got nothing.

I was totally boggled. I can't control where my IP address says I am. I do not have access to that kind of hacker knowledge to tamper with THAT little piece of info. On the other hand....(evil grin) how can I take advantage of this?.....*ahem*

How do I prove to Stardust that I am not a liar liar? That my pants are not on fire? Well there was that one regrettable incident with the super nachos but only after 1 too many Slap Yo Mama's and Ewoks Teabagging... (shudder) But I blame BigTex for that one.

For the record, Stardust was mildly curious, not majorly accusatory.


BigTex71 said...

So, how were the drinks?

look_an_atheist said...

lol I haven't actually had a chance to order them yet. Just trying to be funny.

I don't actually go out all that often. For me a big "grownups only outing" is when my mate and I head off to Pizza Ranch for the afternoon and don't bring the kiddies along.

Plus- my mate is the kind that gets sullen and moody-cranky when he drinks. Me I get silly and libidinous. Not a great combination. So I will wait until a friend comes to town to visit and THEN have some fun with my next bar order. Can't wait though!

Any job prospects? Or is it WAY to early for that.

BigTex71 said...

I am trying to get an internal job within the company at one of the other fabrication plants, but the job openings are few and far between.

We are going to wait a few months before I start actively searching outside the company because we really don't want to have to move if we can help it.

Thanks for asking.

Stardust said...

For the record, I never asked you to prove where you are from. I merely mentioned in passing that I saw your IP was the same as Dani's area and wondered if you lived near each other and that was that. When you said you were from Minnesota and not Denver I just mentioned that was weird that Minnesota didn't show up on my sitemeter. I think it's interesting to keep track of my where my regular commenters are from via my sitemeter like lots of people do.

Wow...a whole post about something I thought about for about five seconds! LOL!

Fiery Ewok said...

Dang internet and being totally unable to tell when a person is light hearted.

On the off-chance that I may have caused offense or consternation let me just say-

Startdust- I was definitely NOT offended by your curiosity about my IP address. This whole post and my comments on your site were meant in a completely light hearted manner.

It just struck me that I had no way of showing where I was from and still remain annonymous.

That's it. It's all happy happy joy joy here in bloggerland.

Stardust said...

Fiery ewok,

Yes, it's hard to convey what a person's intentions are via internet or email.

I didn't take your post as a slam, I just was surprised and amused that a little question got so much attention. ;) *smile* But I understand now you were puzzled as well. I still don't see Minnesota showing up, but it doesn't matter. My own IP address shows up from another town in Illinois and not my own and one time I was trying to figure out who was contantly visiting my blog from Libertyville...and it was ME. Duh! LOL! Our provider switched where their main hub was in a nearby town to Libertyville which is a couple hours north of here, and I finally figured that out after worrying for a couple of days that a hacker was trying to get into my sites! LOL!

So, fuggetaboutit and let's move on. :-D

Fiery Ewok said...

Thank you Stardust for the explanation.

This is Fiery Ewok- movin' on!