Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the system and the phoenix

I was reading this on one of my yahoo groups: freethinking_unschoolers

The same place I found the Steven Wright list. The difference is this one definitely didn't make me laugh.

I've spent my whole life just trying to survive in the system.

I was an abused child, I was a racial minority, I was public schooled, I am
now a corporate cog.

Do my past and present contribute to my tendency to remain in survival mode? I think so. I dunno. Is it just part of the human condition?

...I see these parents all around me who are loving and really do have the best interest of their child in mind, but they are training their children to
survive in the system. We've all been trained to do this, and it's only just
barely working. Or maybe it's not working at all.

How does one break down the system and survive at the same time? Or is it
really just best to get up a half hour earlier (like a good German would) to
wash the dishes rather than argue about them in court?

Miss V.

Another commentor during the discussion had this to add...

My personal belief is that the only hope is the complete destruction
of this culture and an awakening to new spiritual understanding
coming out of the ashes as people pick themselves up and start to
rebuild the world.

Miss L.

This is where our world is at. To see some of my own thoughts confirmed by complete strangers- (I am really new to this group). To hear that the only solution that they can see is to have the world as we know it obliterated so that a new civilization can be re-born in its ashes.

How do you fight the injustices out there? How do you preserve your personal freedoms when those in power demand that we yield them for the sake of national security? How do you keep your children safe while you fight the good fight?

Or do you fight at all?


johngalt666 said...

I admit this is not a satisfying answer, but the best way to fight is through education.

You're homeschooling of your kids is a great start. They won't be indoctrinated by the school system.

Education in this context also means talking about these issues with others. Having the courage to state your views to others when subjects come up.

You have the responsibility to judge things for yourself and the integrity to stand by your convictions. Have the courage to be true to your conclusions when speaking to others. Have confidence in your ability to reason and stand by your reasoning.

You are already doing this with your blog. With time and growing confidence start to do it outside of the web. There is no need to throw away valuable relationships, just use your judgment of who to talk to and when.

And even if you deem it best to stay with the web, do not belittle the contribution of another rational voice. The more places people can go to find rational discourse the more word will spread.

Just stick to the topics you find compelling and then think and write and talk rationally about those topics to whoever will read or listen.

In other words, keep doing what you are doing. You are already doing your part.

Tone said...

The sad thing is, and new civilization will just become what we have. I think it is inevitable that people will destroy themselves. Nature takes care of itself.

BigTex71 said...

Homeschooling is one way of preparing your children- I wish I had the time, patience, and money to afford to homeschool my children. But my wife and I are corporate cogs. Feel free to donate to my new BigTex Wayward Homeschooling Fund to help me make a difference. :)

Tone said...

I do wish there would also be more secular private schools.

Sean the Blogonaut said...

You should all move to Australia. We really only pay lip service to Religion or rather our true religion is sport.

Fiery Ewok said...

Tempting. What are the homeschooling laws like down under?