Tuesday, May 1, 2007

the triune god of atheists

Well Makarios has lashed out at reason again. I had a fit of morbid curiosity so I popped over to his blog and what to my wondering eyes did appear but this piece of….tripe …. If you want to make your head explode, read it at it’s source.

The triune god of Atheism

For those of you too impatient to wade through his fundy brand of bull shit to find out just what exactly Rod, in his finite wisdom, considers the atheist's triune god to be- let me blow his punch line. The atheists triune god is [are you ready? …isn’t the suspense just killing you?] The triune god of atheism is Science, Pride and Intelligence. Once again that’s Science, Pride and Intelligence.


Unlike last time with Rod’s post, I am not going to quote the whole thing. It was 4 pages long at 12 point font for cripes sakes. YIKES!!!! To call attention to his idiocy I’m putting his comments in bold this time.

I’ve been thinking about the enormous amount of faith that it takes to maintain one’s atheistic belief system.

Once again Rod

Atheism = lack of belief in god a related corollary to that is
Atheism = lack of faith in god

Ask any Atheist, who’s been posting on a blog, to give the reasons for what he believes, to give an explanation for the hope s/he has in Atheistic philosophy and that person will disappear like a puff of smoke; he’ll drop right off the radar. They’ll even delete their own posts just to avoid any questions requiring a validation of their faith.

Now get ready guys, I’m about to go up in a puff of smoke. I’m also likely to drop right off the radar and start deleting posts. Get ready!!!!
Here I gooooooooo……
"I’m sorry sir, we’ve lost the signal.
She appears to have dropped off the radar…"
"Her blog is vanishing Sir!"


Well, since I’m not going anywhere, let’s see.

What do I believe. #1 There is no god.
That’s right Rod
There is no god.
Oh sweet Clementine,
Does that rhyme?

I believe that YOU want there to be a god, Rod. There isn’t.

God/gods/supernatural beings were mental constructs that humanity evolved to deal with reality and our increasingly complex role in it.
See The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
By Julian Jaynes
[If you haven’t read it in its entirety Rod, then don’t bother trying to refute it]

The rest of my beliefs are all personal and not affiliated with Atheism, but as Rod ASSUMES that Atheism is a complete belief system, I’ll address two of those beliefs as well. But they are MINE not necessarily those of any other atheist.

What do I believe. #2 Existence exists.

That’s right Rod. There is a universe. It’s right here. It is all that there is. Just the universe. The universe contains all of reality. If it exists, it is a part of the universe. If there is a god (there isn’t) he would be a part of the universe. That is the definition OF the universe- All Existing Things. If god isn’t a part of the universe, then he doesn’t exist. If he is a part of the universe, he couldn't have created it.

See Chapter 1: Reality in Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand
By Leonard Peikoff
[If you haven’t read at least the first chapter in its entirety Rod, then don’t bother trying to refute it]

What do I believe. #3 Principles of Morality are a product of cognition and not of feeling. They are also not relative but objective in nature.

That’s right Rod. Humans don’t need a vindictive, petulant, jealous, invisible sky daddy to tell them how to live their lives and to forbid amoral behavior. Wrong is wrong, regardless of the bible’s stance on the slaughter of innocents, forced marriage of a rape victim, stoning children, and other god ordained attrocities.

See Chapter 7: The Good in Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand
By Leonard Peikoff [If you haven’t read at least the seventh chapter in its entirety Rod, then don’t bother trying to refute it]

Continuing on It can’t be any other way of course. Even Dawkins et al. admit that there isn’t any proof that life accidentally came from non life.

Pardon me Rod, is god alive? If he is alive, he exists, see belief #2. If he is not alive, that would seem to fall into the realm of non life. How can non life choose to create life?

Other than that, I am not going to defend evolution. I’m not a scientist and there are whole websites not to mention numerous scientists dedicated to the defense of evolution.

Check this out. Rod says…My goodness! What a strange way for people who see themselves as reasoned and logical to behave. “No, it isn’t observable, repeatable or verifiable, but I believe in IT.”

Who in the world are these people that Rod is referring to… Christians maybe? And what is this IT…God? Well it could be. Fundamentalists try to use reason and logic to prove/defend the Bible and God and when challenged they say they will believe in it even if the atheist says it is not observable, repeatable or verifiable.

However, Rod is actually talking about Atheists. And the IT he is referring to is the mysterious triune god of science, pride and intelligence. [BigTex, here is a church you could start]

Go back and take a look at that quote and then let’s take a look at what Rod means…

Rod is saying that atheists believe science is not observable, repeatable or verifiable.
Rod is saying that atheists believe pride is not observable, repeatable or verifiable.
Rod is saying that atheists believe intelligence is not observable, repeatable or verifiable.


- Atheists place their faith in Science to provide for them answers and direction.
Atheists = no faith.
For shame, looking to science for answers when there is clearly such a better alternative.

Sally, did your teacher really tell you that bats are mammals? Well my dear, let’s see what the bible has to say about that…Leviticus 11:13-19. Nope, clearly a bird. God says so. And he should know, he created them.

Sally, stop trying to feed that garter snake worms. The bible clearly says that snakes eat dust. Genesis 3:14

- Atheists place their faith in their Pride to keep them emotionally afloat.
Morons say duh? This one is self-explanatory to rational human beings, i.e. not Rod.
Strangely enough an atheist's self-worth is not based on "the meek shall inherit the earth".

- And Atheists especially place their faith in and worship their Intelligence to provide them with a sense of security and belonging. … Their sense of belonging arises from grouping together and talking about how unintelligent non Atheists are.

TILT…TILT… Does not compute….The atheists are grouping together and talking about non Atheists. Stone ‘em!! I’m not going to refute this one, you already know how full of bs it is, so I won’t insult your intelligence by walking you through it.

Good grief the whole post could be deleted on that basis. But I don’t want to give Rod the satisfaction of deleting a post.

He goes on and on bashing atheists and their worship of intelligence claiming that all moral ills are because of this worship of ours... He also includes 7 repeats of the phrase “On this chunk of sand Atheists build their philosophy of life.” I think by repeating it endlessly Rod thinks that will make it true. Atheists do not have and never will have a universal philosophy of life. DUH!

See if you can read his post in its entirety without your head hitting the keyboard, smacking yourself on the forehead, groaning out loud, or getting the shakes from the sheer irrationality of it.

God save us from unthinking fundies.


Tone said...

So...I went and read the whole post. Now my head hurts.

look_an_atheist said...

*chuckling lightly* I'm not sure if I should offer an apology for exposing you to that or not. :-D

It was a doozy alright. I'm not sure I'm going to check in there anymore. It's so thoroughly irrational and yet he thinks he is being so clever.

Tone said...

It is so hard to argue with logic like his. I know it's possible but it would be painful.

Sean the Blogonaut said...

Painfully futile i am afraid. I hsve no problems with this kind of person. If he is happy to live a deluded life that is fine.

It is only when he seekd to impose his delusion on others, that I get my hackles up.

look_an_atheist said...

Exactly! Well said Sean. It's when they try to establish their faith as laws of the land that it becomes dangerous. When they want public policy to reflect their beliefs that all freedom loving people should be afraid for that freedom. Religion is not democratic it is despotic and the government that would be set up by such would reflect that.