Monday, May 28, 2007


I was over at Primordial Blog a science/humor blog that I recently discovered. I've been mining his archives, as I am prone to do when I find a blog I love (I am such a nerd), when I found this post Brian made on global-overpopulation back in March.

So I'm reading along, not really objecting to anything he says when I see his concluding paragraph...

In addition to providing cheap and reliable birth control to the developing world,

We don't even provide free birth control to our own horny teens, why should we give condoms to the 3rd-world?

... we need a massive global effort to promote literacy and education among women in particular

Women should be literate and educated. I agree. They should have the freedom to make choices over their own bodies. They should have knowledge of and access to birth control up to and including an abortion if all else fails.

What really ticks me off is these 3rd-world men that can't keep their damn pants zipped. Some of them, when they find out they have AIDS, think that if they rape a virgin, they will be cured. Sure, it hasn't worked for any of their buddies, but what if it works for them? It's like a sick twisted version of Pascal's wager. Can't hurt. Might help.

If you are starving to death, why do you keep having more babies? I really want to know. You have no food, you have no job, might as well have sex at least that feels good. Masturbate and save the food for yourself you stupid idiot!

Seriously though, if someone knows why they keep having so many children they can't afford, tell me. I really want to know, provided that the answer is something other than religion.

I have 2 children. We can't afford a 3rd. No matter what happens:
We can't afford it. Not financially. Not emotionally.

You see, that wasn't so hard. And yes I am prepared to follow through on that decision.

and to foster economic systems that reward small families and move the responsibility for the elderly away from the children.

Economic systems already reward smaller families because you can afford more food!!!! And who is going to support the elderly? The government? I do not want the government taking care of me and mine. It's not their job. And that takes us right into politics which is a whole different subject.

There aren't any easy answers about over population.
Oh wait. Yes there is.


Poodles Rule said...

I think religions need to be faulted for most of this problem. Catholics and mormons in particlar. Until they say it is ok to use birth control nothing will change.

I am a big supporter of population control. I have chosen not to have any. Let me tell you the battles I have fought over that choice. I REALLY hate it when people say "you'll change your mind."

What I find ironic is that a lot of the same people that say BC and abortion are against religion are the same assholes who will have IVF and pop out a litter of kids; CAUSE THAT'S NOT AGAINST NATURE OR ANYTHING...

Anonymous said...

Hi, fiery ewok. You're sure living up to the fiery part of your name. Good to see you thinking about the issues. I like people who have strong opinions and aren't afraid to share them.

Economic systems already reward smaller families because you can afford more food!!!!

In the industrialized world that is true, but in agricultural societies the more kids you have the wealthier you will be because the family works together and shares everything. Also, in the 3rd world few people have pension plans so the parents rely on their children to care for them when they get to old to provide for themselves. Not having children would be a death sentence.

In the old days a couple would have ten to thirteen kids in the hopes that a few of them would survive into adulthood and the population stayed fairly balanced. With the advent of modern medicine infant mortality has dropped, but the birthrate hasn't adjusted yet.

janice said...

I heard a few months ago that Putin was asking the Russian people to have more children. The gov't was giving incentives to those who did and where the mother stayed home with them.

Fiery Ewok said...

Hi Brian! Thanks for stopping by my blog. As for Fiery, yep, I choose it for a reason. If you're curious the story evolves in this post what's in a name.

oh good grief I'm plugging my blog on my blog. That's just sad. :-D

Thank you for the information, I really did want to know. The idea of 13 children when you are so poor runs counter-intuitive to any sort of common sense that I know.

If the U.S. is going to spend $3 trillion interfering in other countries, literacy and birthcontrol, etc... would have been a much better way to go than what they are currently doing over in Iraq.


There really aren't any easy answers are there?

Thanks again for stopping by. I love new faces!