Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why do Muslims hate us?

Because they believe the behavior on the left is an abomination.

And the behavior on the right should be forced upon the world with a sword.


Anonymous said...

Fiery, I just completely ripped this article and posted it on my blog (hope you don't mind, I did credit you). I think the picture and your words so clearly define the problem with Islam.

Fiery said...

:) Thank you kindly for the hat tip and welcome you are to the article. :)

Richard said...

That Muslim woman is expressing her faith in Allah, at least that's what Muslim women say.

Shouldn't that Muslim woman be punished? She is exposing two eyes, and two eyes can be used to tempt a man into sin. Wait, is she winking or blinking? Who cares, let's beat her just to be safe.