Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seth Green LOLs Oz

And now in true LOLCat fashion Seth Green visits Australia.

I'm in your country
Clmbing your Opera House.

“I gave my camera to a buddy who was with me and said: ‘I’m only going to be able to be up there for two seconds so you will only have one chance to take a photo of me’.”

Green ran at Australia’s iconic building, jumped into the crevice and kept moving until he was 11 metres above the ground.

“I got to the high point and turned around, my friend took the photo, but it was only then I realised just how steep the incline was and on the way down I didn’t have a lot of stopping ability,” he said.

“But, the moment I was ready to slide down and burn the soles off my shoes, a security guard walked around the corner.

“I had to press as tight as I could to the crevice and somehow stay up there.”

The friendly security guard, clueless a Hollywood movie star was hanging above him, began talking to Green’s friend and a publicist that was with them.

The guard thought they were American tourists fascinated about the building’s structure so launched into a detailed description of the landmark’s history.

“I was directly above the guy’s head and about to fall,” Green said.

“The publicist was so slick and ended up saying: ‘I’m interested in this part of the building right over here’ and took him around the corner.

“As soon as he turned the corner I slid all the way down and when I hit the ground I went straight into a cool walk as if nothing happened.”

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Half rabbit said...

I've never heard of Seth Green before but the story was very funny. Thanks for bringing it too my attention.