Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We're off to Montana for Thanksgiving

This message brought to you by LOL Cats.

Mom and Dad are spending Thanksgiving in Arizona with my brother and have asked if the kids and I could stay at their house and feed their cats.

So Wednesday is road trip day. I'm pretty sure I'm mostly almost all packed.

The place is pretty much totally vaccumed but the smegging kitchen got dirty while I wasn't looking. And if there are still dirty dishes there when I get back from Montana.... I'll only have myself to blame. FUCKING DAMMIT!!!!!!! I hate coming home to dirty dishes. Fingers crossed I can get them done before I leave tomorrow.

so... It's up at 6:30am and on the road by 7:30am (or as soon as possible there after).

And here I sit blogging at 11:30pm. *rolls eyes*


Half rabbit said...

Best of luck and I hope you have a safe and fun trip. Don't go gettin' converted in a Baptist church while I'm gone. Even if you do get offered pancakes* and a "Mission from God"

* Note that while they are advertised as blueberry they are in reality just blue paste glue smeared on top

P.S. I think the thought of missing you made me go a bit crazy and post the above. Post ton's of blog posts even though super slow dial up is a pain.

Fiery said...

More likely it was watching Blues Brothers over the course of 3 days that made you go a bit space crazy.

Thanks heaps for the well wishes! :)

Oh, and guess what? My fundy neighbor tried several times to get me to come over to his place alone because "I've been on his mind and he's been thinking about me and wants to chat with me for 15-20 minutes". Apparently he's been praying for me and he thinks the Lord has opened my heart to hearing his message.


It's the brain that's the problem, not the heart.

I'll miss you too Rabbit. You're one of the nicest, sweetest, coolest people it has ever been my pleasure to know. Texting and smsing will not be the same as skype time.

send heaps of sms!! and i'll see you on google.

Anonymous said...

Fiery, I love you to death, but whoever introduced you to LOLCats unleashed a terrible force of evil into the world.

Anonymous said...

Can you check out the crops of dental floss for me, and also, see if there are any pygmy ponies or zircon encrusted tweezers?

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip Fiery, hope you take your laptop with you and get chance to blog, or we'll miss you whilst you're away. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

Reed it wasn't me, but I have been guilty of feeding her habit.

Hi, my name is Fiery, and I'm addicted to LOLcats

Protium the Heathen said...

Does anyone know the best way to make cat tender and which sauce to use? Potatoes or rice?

Have a safe trip Sis :)

Anonymous said...

Ozzy, shame on you.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Hope your trip was safe and uneventful Fiery :)

Perhaps with all those cats around you can start with your own lolcats?

Traceytreasure said...

Blogging rocks! Doing dishes sucks!! I should know!!

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a safe trip there and back and we'll see you later!!


Fiery said...

Reed- *giggles* Love you too. Can't stop thinking of you in women's underware and can NOT figure out why I thought it looked sexy on you. Must be too much LOL Cats. Speaking of which, it took me ages to discover LOLCats, now I have to make up for lost time!!! :)

Tribog- BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! huh?
*snerk* Nice to see your still around. Hope you will start posting AFL stuff on your blog even if you aren't up to ranting anymore.

OzA- :) Thanks!!!! Watch out for those ponytails! Treacherous when you're on a bike.

Protium- :D Thanks mate! I hear slowcooker is the best way to go and XO would probably know which wine sauce to use, cause that's just how he rolls.

Thump- Trip was fine, though long. But used to it, so not a big deal. Nothing too exciting happened

Tracey- the absolute WORST part of dishes is having to rewash the damned things sometimes later that day. AARRGGHH!!! Can't the stupid things just stay washed????

Ooops, Dad's approaching, can't let him see the blog title.


Thump Thump Eyes said...

The worst part of cleaning up, is that you know you're just cleaning up so you can dirty everything again sheesh!!

Traceytreasure said...

They only stay washed if you don't eat meals. I love Taco Bell and snacking, the family, not so much!! LOL!!

I'm sending you an email, hope you get it this week sometime!! ;)