Saturday, November 29, 2008

my LOL cat Neko

Ahm in ur maynger
sittin on yer saveyer.


Traceytreasure said...

I really needed a good belly laugh today!! Thanks!!



Fiery said...

I'm glad you like it! Neko has to sit on every surface at least once. Including grocery bags freshly brought in from the car with the days shopping. She was only there about 35 seconds, didn't even have time to grab the real camera. Just snapped it with me mobile. I am particularly proud of the caption. Even made myself laugh!!!! LOL!!!!!

I <3 LOL CATS!!!!!!!

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Dont you love it when a cat co-operates, love your 'catption' too

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Who says you can't train a cat :)

Half rabbit said...

What a beautiful cat you have there. The caption is one of the best I've read too.

Harry Nads said...

Who says you can't train a cat :)

Ewwww... gross! :)

I guess my mind is always in the gutter.

watercat said...

yer cats name is Neko?
Kawaii desu.

Fiery said...

Rabbit- Neko is a great cat and loves to snuggle on my lap. Especially if I'm online chatting with somebody.

Watercat- Neko's full name is "Neko Ashi Dachi" as my son is a member of a Ryukyu Kempo style karate dojo. When Neko was a kitten she had this mouse on a fishing pole toy and we called it "fishing for cats". She loved that game and her method of attack was exuberant and unique. Standing on back paws, front paws fully outstretched wide to the sides before landing on the mouse.


And as for you other two. It is with great shame that I admit I have missed the euphemism that Sean referenced that grossed Harry out. *sigh*

watercat said...

LOL. In the picture, she's in Cat Tummy Stance.

My kittehs are Jekyl and Skwiver,
and Lucy Fur and G. Sis (they're sisters).

Fiery said...

Watercat- Neko's sister's name is Chiana, after the character in FarScape.

Neko loves her tail. Notice how it is brought prettily around her side all snuggled up close? When she's sitting up straight and tall she always carefully places it around her toes.

Chiana, on the other hand, is pretty much oblivious to her tail, except when she's chasing it. Especially after a bath, when she spins round and round in circles trying to get the wet club behind her. She'll even spin sideways around the pole of their cat tree trying to get her tail. But sitting. It's always straight out behind her forgotten and unwanted. And when she lays in the sphynx position, she ends up looking like a horseshoe crab with her tail stretched long behind her.


I love cats!!!!! :D

And what awesome cat names you have!!!!!

When I get back to genuine internet connections I'll be scouring your blog lookin' for pics. ;)