Sunday, November 9, 2008

Islam is Fucked Up Part 7

Yeah, this guy is totally believable.

ZOMG! Muslims must be a nation of fuckwits if this passes for real knowledge.

Check out more stupid over on Protium's blog. But be warned, IQ points may drop drastically.



Protium the Heathen said...

The strength of 30,000 men... ha ha ha haha ha ah ah ahh ah ah ah h ah ah ah h ah ahahah ah... fuckwit

watercat said...

Your blog rocks and I love this IIFU series.

I'm posting here because I thought you might not see my comments if I posted at "phoenix cat" which is teh ossumest cat picture ever, and I am so stealing it.
That is, if u no has a mad?

Fiery said...

i no has a mad, srsly.

am flatrer.. am frater...

has a glad u likes it! :)

Islam shits me. Especially the fear it engenders in the average person. The way it demands and gets "respect for their beliefs" inspite of it's vile, contemptible nature.

Religion of peace my flaming hiney!