Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jesus is my co-pilot

Hang on Jebus!!!!!!

Also entitled "How to tell when a Catholic is driving too fast".

My daughter sent me this from Montana, where she has spent the last month with my folks.

I love both my kids' sense of humor. It is so awesome to watch them grow into young adults capable of making me double over with laughter.


Traceytreasure said...

Looks like my son is driving! LOL!! :)

Co-pilot, what a bunch of crap! Get the ShitBeGone!! :)

Hope you are happy and well.


Thump Thump Eyes said...

Go jeebus...haha...have to agree with TT, get the shitbegone!! bwhaaaaha
and hugs to ya too honey xx ;)

Anonymous said...

"God was my co-pilot, but we crashed into a mountain and I eat him"

The sticker going on the back window of my car, once I get around to cleaning the car.

Richard said...

Dear Oz,

I hope that is the FSM, he is really cool (the web page you linked to had some other car stickers, so it was not clear).

Richard said...

Say, that image, Fiery, shows massive acceleration, but at the moment of the photograph the vehicle may still be well under any speed limit. Now if the Jesus and beads were on the front hood, well that blows fabulously!

For massive acceleration, you wonderful people reading Fiery's rants, would likely appreciate this and this, and best of all, this

The Tesla kicks butt. I am no environmentalist, but I do think nuclear energy is the only way for the future... and we can drive on it too.

Yes, Tesla is working on a family sedan version. I expect it will do its job well. With less violent acceleration it will get better overall distance between charges. These guys, at Tesla, can't lose unless the media hates the idea of smart & cheap car travel... which I think they will!

The future of electric cars lies in swappable batteries, to be obtained at "gas" stations.