Wednesday, October 15, 2008

what do you think of the presidential candidates

Yep, that about sums it up. Thanks LOLCats!!! :)


Traceytreasure said...

Hurry up Kitty, I'm going to puke!!


Richard said...


I am terribly saddened at the despicable choices you Americans have to decide between.

Both Presidential candidates, and their state representatives, have UTTERLY no idea of the political principles America is built upon. You are stuck choosing Pussy Poo One, or Pussy Poo Two.

Never before, in American history, has there been a greater need for a ballot option that says "No candidate represents my America!"

You have a choice of fascist socialism (McCain) or socialist fascism (Obama). It is likely, by the polls (for what they are worth), that Obama will win. You can expect
* more government spending, which means more taxation,
* more regulations to strike down the economic capability of successful business, for the sake of the unsuccessful
* the enhancement of Homeland Security into a domestic military,
* health care for all, that will cost more than that which you already face
* restrictions on free speech, especially that which opposes government policy
* a fear of saying the wrong thing to your kids or neighbors, because you might be labeled for hate speech or for being un-American!
* higher prices in everything, especially gasoline
* greater environmental regulations that will hamper numerous businesses and raise prices... especially in gasoline
* world wide humiliation as America's War on Terror becomes another 'Vietnam' style failure
* increased influence of Islamism over domestic and foreign policy (ladies start sewing yourselves a hijab!)
* guys, rape a girl, and she will be your wife because she obviously asked for it
* self-censorship of all media, to avoid offending real-igion
* censorship of media that may present Obama in a bad light
* state funding of religious based charity organizations, which means more taxes

These things will not only occur on a Federal level, but will also occur state by state.

Further, the American Dollar will likely cease to be the internationally respected symbol of value it once was.

Heck, Canada's economy may outrun you guys. How bad is that!

Of course, China has taken over so many aspects of America's manufacturing, and has lent America so much money, that all they need do is stop trading and call in their debt, and the 1929 depression will seem to be a minor historical blip by comparison to the degree America will TANK.

As a Canadian I was shocked at how incompetent our voters were at choosing between our incumbent Prime Minister and the other Candidates.

The PM, Stephen Harper, has managed to present a contextually sensible approach to government. He has acted and spoken lucidly and with a maturity Canada has not seen in decades. He is trained in economics and foresaw the housing mortgage crisis. He was unsuccessful in reducing government spending, because the other parties resisted. Still, he negotiated the longest survival of a minority government in history. At the same time, his government did more, than the previous three Liberal Party governments, to enable Canadians to get on with their lives.

In this election the choice for Harper was a no brainer. What happened? Only 58% of voters turned out for this election. Fear of Harper as being a Bush-clone drove many voters to choose our New Democratic Party, which is the primary Socialist group in our politics. Fortunately, the francophone leader of the Liberals could not communicate well in English. Plus, his party believed they could reduce personal taxes by placing steep taxes on non-Green business activities... Hey buddy, didn't ya think the costs would still end up on taxpayers bills??

Well, Harper has another minority government and Canada may come through this economic downturn quite well.

Our choice was so much easier than yours.

Good luck
From your biggest fan, of the Founder's America,