Sunday, October 26, 2008

no more excuses

If he can*, by god so can the rest of us.

World's fattest man weds friend's widow

Mexican Manuel Uribe, the world's fattest man in the 2007 Guinness Book of Records, married his friend's widow in a televised ceremony the US Discovery Channel dubbed My Big Fat Mexican Wedding.

Despite shedding 230 kilograms from 590 kilograms early on this year, Uribe, 43, had to be carried by a crane on his bed, where he has been confined for years, to the makeshift altar at a venue 30 minutes from his home.

"Daddy, Daddy tell us again how you got to the church on time?"

"Hyuh hyuh, why I travellded by crane son."

Why the fat mexican turned into a stupid hillbilly is beyond me. Do you suppose she is on top? I bet there's some nasty porn out there that could explain it to me.

Oh, and for family friendly porn, send me an email and I'll forward a snatch to you. Fun stuff!!!!!! And nearly safe for work.

*Get laid, that is. The fuck if I'm ever going to get married. Except perhaps to gain citizenship. That I would consider.


Richard said...

A woman can get laid easily, with little risk of marriage —just find lonely husbands.

BUT, do not do it in Mogadishu, Somalia! Yep, another woman stoned to death.

Apparently she "stressed" that she wished to be subject to Sharia Law. So being stoned to death was better than a non-Sharia punishment. Exactly what would that punishment have been?

Oh, yes. The man gets no punishment at all. He can rape a woman, but has no need to kill her to cover up his crime, the Law will do it for him.

Traceytreasure said...


Double yikes!!