Thursday, October 2, 2008

Open Forum 18

Oi, it's the first of the month again. Or was... Yesterday. I thought about putting this up yesterday. And then I didn't.

So- the car's in the shop with a mysterious ailment:
1- awhile back left trunk partially open over night. with trunk light on the whole time, it necessitated a jump the next morning.
2- while driving with the interior light on it seemed to dim a bit for no particular reason (i.e. not decelerating)
3- parked and shut the car off. then when i tried to start it a few minutes later it acted like battery was dead, then started just fine immediately afterwards.
4- pulled up to traffic light and it died with the power steering cutting out first, then the dash lights coming on. had to put it into park and restart.
5- brake light came on intermittently until the day 3 & 4 happened at which point it started bing-bing-binging constantly. AARRGGGHHH!!!! With no discernable diminishing of brake fluid or loss of break usability.

So I dropped it off at the mechanics and hoped that he can fix it without costing me an arm and a leg which are already promised to the oral surgeon.

This is an open forum. If you've got questions ask and they shall be answered by the pompous windbag that runs this blog. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Sorry- I appear to have gone a bit nuts from the sugar high I just acquired from 15 Whoppers and 8 Peanut Butter Cups.


Protium said...

Sounds like you need an Auto Electrician not a Mechanic to sort the car out.. of course I'll bet the mechanic sends it over to his mate, the auto electrician and charges you a nice profit on the bill... course I could be wrong ;-)

Richard said...

So, like, is your fan belt tight? It drives ure alternator too. Then there is the weak battery thing, it may be drawing power you normally need from the engine, but a load can lead to failure. But if the Start had power then that would not be it.

Let's see if you still have an arm or leg after visiting the mechanic.

Richard said...

" I appear to have gone a bit nuts from the sugar high I just acquired from 15 Whoppers and 8 Peanut Butter Cups."

Well, that doesn't supplant the JD Bourbon and Pepsi mix, but it might help.

Wait a sec, "fifteen Whoppers", what are you thinking??? Okay, your waist will cost you more than gas for your car... that ain't fiscal responsibility. I hate Bugger Thing, so I have little sympathy.

I hope your car issue proves to be cheap, but given the price of Whoppers, money for you is no object! That makes you a fiscal brat.



Fiery said...

$120 for master brake cylinder, brake fluid and labor.

told to watch and see on sporadic electrical issues as when he tested the battery it checked out.

No no... Whoppers not Whoppers.

Been suffering from severe malted barley deficiency. YUMMMY!!!!!!!!

Fiery said...

typically i would agree with you Protium, on getting hosed by automechanics. Thus far, Warren has been exemplary and I've never needed so much as a towel when he's finished with my car.

Unlike certain arsehairs named Adrian's Auto Care who dry fucked me without the courtesy reach around. OUCH!!!!!!!!

Fiery said...

oh and i haven't had an alcoholic drink in a long time. does nothing but make me really sad. so disappointing. used to make me happy and silly and flirty and smoochy. now just makes me all saaaaaaaad.... waaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. i miss teh happy.

Traceytreasure said...

I don't know how I missed this post. F-ing job. Keeps me from important blogging!! ;)

Whoppers are GREAT!! Candy corn too!! Only Brach's makes the best!!

Sorry about the booze thing. It makes me sad too!! Isn't it funny that it used to make me so happy and now I get sad just thinking about drinking!! Hey, that Rhymed!!