Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Islam is fucked up: part 2

Remember the couple who were cured of their smoking habbit (him) and asthma and liver disease (her) by an unusual "medical ritual" which involved being beaten with crash helmets and broom sticks and having their heads repeatedly bashed against a table?? Yeah, that one.

Well, three of the four medical professionals conducting the ritual, the couple's 19 year old son, a 21 year old male and a 23 year old male- who was given credit for the idea, are being charged with murder.

No word on the fourth assistant whose 15 year old daughter was beaten severely for walking in during the procedure.

Here is Pat Condell's latest video and his response to having his previous video censored by youtube.


Richard said...

I am a British expatriot, and I (digitally) signed the anti-Sharia law petition.

I also sent the following email to Condell:

Dear Mr. Condell,

1) Great work, and THANK-YOU!!!!

2) A very important video has been pulled from YouTube on grounds that it violated YouTube "Terms and Conditions". It presented B&W footage of a Palestinian Mufti who actually went to Hitler to congratulate him on his Jew eradication program. This same Mufti organized (as shown) an entire Army Division of *volunteer* Palestinians who joined with the Nazi Axis and fought in support of Hitler.

I think the film should be reinstated, and widely promoted, as it indicates why Palestinians did not get, and do not deserve, their own nation. Who better than you, to do so?

This is the tinyURL contraction link:

The long (361 char), original link is



I do not know how to go about getting the video back on. Contacting the right people at YouTube for this seems to require the use of snail mail to their General Mail office. That would take forever. Condell's petition clearly worked faster than snail mail.

Cheers to all!

Richard said...

With Fiery's permission (delete it if you disagree, Fiery) I would like to encourage Americans at this blog (at the very least) to visit the two blog posts below. Together they give an idea of Obama's (13% lead over McCain) character and background!

1. "Myrhaf: Scenes from the Decline of Freedom in America". Myrhaf also indicates the consequences of Bush's buying up banks to 'help'.

2. Comrade Obama Advocates American KGB. Yes the ending of the video seems over-the-top, but the principle is NOT wrong. (And McCain is no better.)

America is collapsing into political and moral rubble.

I am very upset. As a Canadian, I love America more than 98% of Americans.

More Brandy, please. Let me die with a good buzz.