Friday, October 3, 2008

Islam is fucked up evil incarnate

Ramadan: A time for the Muslims (i.e. fuckwits) to starve themselves from sun up to sun down for 30 days in honor of the revelation of the Koran to Muhammed. After an entire month of self-denial, what better way to celebrate the return of the pleasures of the flesh than to head over to the relatives for food and fun?

Too bad that you and your wife have a few faults that the in-laws don't approve of. So how do they help you with your smoking problem and her asthma and liver disease? Why using the same time honored techniques the christians use with their children. They "beat the hell" out of them.

"I wish that all fathers of households stand forth and practice their role. They will use the rod and not permit their children to go astray. Firmness is needed in your world that is filled with laxity, permissiveness, and degradation. Your children have been misled by many who shall answer to the Father. As teachers they have failed in their role. Therefore, as parents you must succeed in yours." - St. Joseph, March 18, 1973

As the Bible tells us: "He who spareth the rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him correcteth him betimes" (Proverbs 13:24) and "Withhold not correction from a child: for if thou strike him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and deliver his soul from hell." (Proverbs 23:13-14)

Quoted from a site that shouts with glee over the joys of spanking your child.

Only this time the spanking is Muslim-style. Not with an open palm, wooden spoon, hair brush or belt. Oh no. When the relatives come a knockin' they are right head bangers and broom swingers. Oh, and you don't get to wear the crash helmet, they're going to beat you with it.

Not only that, but in the heat of the moment and glutted with the pleasure of beating the devil from these tainted Muslim relatives, the daughter of one of the "administers" of this time honored medical ritual walked in and got the ouchy end of the stick as well.

Here's the full article.

Two Malaysians die in medical ritual

How the fuck they get away with calling it a medical ritual is beyond me.

October 3, 2008, 11:42 am

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Two Malaysians died and one was severely injured in a ritual designed to help a man overcome his chain-smoking habit and to rid his wife of her asthma and liver diseases.

State news agency Bernama reported that four close relatives smashed the couple's heads on a table and beat them with crash helmets and brooms as part of a ritual to help them overcome their health problems.

Kuala Lumpur CID chief Ku Chin Wah said the ritual was suggested by the relatives who the couple visited as part of celebrations to mark the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, where they complained of their ill-health.

Perhaps you didn't read the "No Whingeing Allowed" sign when you walked in. Sucks to be you!

"Following this, a 23-year-old male relative suggested that the couple undergo a ritual which involved all family members joining forces to beat up the couple to rid them of their ailments," Ku told reporters on Thursday, according to Bernama.

The 15-year-old daughter of one of the four assailants walked in on the ritual, was severely beaten and was admitted to hospital, Ku said.

(Reporting by David Chance; Editing by Jeremy Laurence)

One thing I will say for them. The cure worked. He no longer has a smoking problem and her asthma and liver disease are thing of the past. Hooray for Islam.

In related news and as further evidence of Islamic yuckiness, I saw over at Sean's blog that Pat Condell's newest video has been banned by Youtube. Oh my dog Pat criticized the Muslims. RRRUUUUNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean wrote: The video below was banned for terms of use violation. Titled "Welcome to Saudi Britain" it's critical of the Saudi's and Islam, not politically correct but hardly hateful. So why has youtube banned it. Because some touchy Muslim can't take a bit of stick and has a cry. I have seen videos openly supporting the KKK, do they get pulled?

So do Pat a favour watch the video (always good to examine things for yourself) then go to his site and grab the embed and post the video in your own post. And maybe if enough of a stink is made youtube will grow some backbone.

EDIT: It appears that after Hermant at the Friendly Atheist commented about it his videos were targeted.

And now for your viewing pleasure... Pat Condell on the growing influence of Islam.


Thump Thump Eyes said...

Its absolutely bloody 'barking mad' behaviour to beat your fellow family members to death. If thats normal behaviour I dont want any of them in my country!

The western world has laws against bashing your family to death and a hefty prison term as well, but apparently its acceptable behaviour in Malaysia. Nowhere in the story does it say that these people were arrested for the deaths from the 'medical ritual' which suggests that in Malaysia it is all AOK for them to do it, it worked, the sufferers are dead and their ailments have all gone away....huh?

Pat Condell literally risks life and limb with his videos. Criticism in any form is not tolerated by all UK citizens. I agree about his views (and all of his other views) on equality for women and I sincerely hope that he survives long enough to continue, long and hard, his campaign of exposing the ridiculous religious attitudes of islam towards women, not to mention all of their other negative traits! Bravo Pat - in my opinion, a brave brave man!!!!!

Traceytreasure said...

Yikes! I thought MY family was bad. At least they didn't beat me to death. Sheesh!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

I can't see the video right now but I'll be back to see it. It's just white.


Traceytreasure said...

Watched the video. He's got some great points. I wish there was a petition to sign here in the States. I'd sign it in a heartbeat!

Hope you have a great week!