Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SIL ly LOL cats

More fun can be had at I Can Haz Cheezberger


Traceytreasure said...

Those are very SIL ly cats, indeed!
Great post! Thanks for the smiles!!


Anonymous said...

I see you've been wasting some time on LOL cats. Like the "I am soo blogging about this" one

Fiery said...

Who me? nooooo I don't obsessively read page after page! noooooo. I haven't read every one of their main set nor found the hidden subset called "upcoming" with more that 5800 pages of lol cats. noooooooo I'm not on page 5199 after starting on age 5800 and working my way foreward. nooooooooooo


Nooooo, i'm not in denial. That's in egypt.


oh, and the blogging one is one I captioned. I'm glad you like it.

watercat said...

Iz in ur blog,
readin ur posts

Iz gud.

Fiery said...

Thank you kindly Watercat!!! And welcome :))