Monday, September 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

Awhile back Harry Nads asked what I thought of Sarah Palin. This pretty much sums it up...

What concerns me about Palin is the irrelevance of her qualifications. She has completely distracted everyone's attention from Obama and McCain. It's all about her. Which, I'm sure is a very familiar situation for her. I will freely concede that her interviews have been horribly embarassing. She just isn't a national calibre politician.

Did we spend this much time worrying about Dan Quayle's qualifications????? Nope. Nobody gave a shit. Although the Saturday Night Live sketches with him sitting on Bush's lap were funny.

He was a puppet. She'll be a puppet. And it's allllll bullshit.


Summer Squirrel, FCD said...

What's really scary is that she's not scaring the people that should be scared.

Richard said...

Hey SummerSquirrel,
You're right, 'cept the same was & is true of McCain & Obama!

Either one will reduce America to rubble, economically and politically. The Founder's will have died in vain, unless...

There is this hope.