Wednesday, September 17, 2008

phoenix cat



Traceytreasure said...

Ooooooo!! Love it!!


Thump Thump Eyes said...

nice pussy :D

Fiery said...

Ta Tracey! :)

Thump- Thanks, reminds me of yours! :D


Harry Nads said...

Some of my first thoughts:

What a flamer.

Now that is some HOT PUSSY!

That cat is a little hot under the collar.


Yes, cat hair is flammable... you should not have lit your fart so close to it.

All dogs go to heaven... all cats go to hell?

Fiery said...

NICE ONE!!!!!!!

YAY HARRY!!!!! lol!!!!

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Whaddya mean mine's grey lol :-D

Fiery said...

but it's furred just like that. i should know. i've seen it!!!!

Anonymous said...

that fiery pussy is hauntingly beautiful

Richard said...
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Richard said...

All cats are atheists.

Judging by religious doctrine, pussies are the devil's temptation.

The trouble with pussies is they grow up to be cats.
- One minute they are playing with you, the next they bite and claw you.
- They sit and purr in your lap when you are working, but run away when you want to play.
- You show interest, they'll show no interest.


Person 1: There are three black roosters sitting on the fence.
How many beaks do they have all together?

Person 2: Three?

P1: Right. How many wings all together?

P2: Uh, six, right?

P1: Yes. And how many feet do the three black roosters have all together?

P2: Um, six?

P1: Exactly. Now, next to the three black roosters there is a tiny all-white kitten. How many whiskers does it have on its face?

P2: What? How am I supposed to know that??

P1: Well, you know so much about black cocks I thought you could tell me about white pussy!

Richard said...

I recommend Rudyard Kipling's
"The Cat Who Walked By Himself"
from his collection of "JUST SO STORIES". The short story can be read in a few minutes, at the above link.

It tells of how various animals were domesticated by man, and why the cat never quite was. It is a fun read and is interestingly composed. Here is a sample:

"...when the moon gets up and night comes, he is the Cat that walks by himself, and all places are alike to him.

"Then, he goes out to the Wet Wild Woods or up the Wet Wild Trees or on the Wet Wild Roofs, waving his wild tail and walking by his wild lone.


If you liked that, you might also like The Butterfly That Stamped. It is a bit longer.