Monday, September 8, 2008

round trip ticket

Anywhere anytime on ebay. Currently the bid is at $456.99.


Read about it in this article here.

Let me know when your flight arrives so I can pick you up! :)


Anonymous said...

yeah, so called 'mystery' flights have been around in australia for years.

They are just a way for airlines to sell of tickets on flights which had unsold seats.

They used to make them "mystery" until you rocked up to the airport for departure, marketing this as some sort of exciting experience, and thereby allowing them to put you in any vacant seats, often the airfares you pay for the 'mystery' flight being higher than a discounted seat on the same flight would have been anyway.

Fiery said...

Now why am I not surprised. The article caught my eye as it said the bidding started at $0.10 or some such thing. That's the trouble with ebay and other auctions, the excitement of winning can often induce you to spend more than you would normally.

The article hinted at a large number of such offers, I only found one.

And there's ALWAYS a catch... or four. Blackout dates, flight availability, whim of the airlines, temperment of the pilot.

Half rabbit said...

If it was still 10 cents and wasn't only for &%$@! America you could defiantly pick me up. ;)