Thursday, September 11, 2008

you reap what you sow

When you raise your child to believe in the end times, the devil, hell, and an all-seeing, all-knowing god... you'd better not act shocked when they buy into that crap hook line and sinker.

September 11, 2008, 2:43 pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Doomsday predictions surrounding the start-up of Europe's Large Hadron Collider -- a giant particle-smasher designed to explore the origins of the universe -- come as little surprise to physicists.

The world's largest particle-collider has yet to begin experiments, but its trial run on Wednesday was accompanied by worries that it might spawn black holes with enough gravitational pull to swallow up the Earth.

Well one person in particular took the doomsday predictions seriously.

Yahoo News AU A teenage girl in India has killed herself after fearing the Big Bang experiment in Switzerland may cause the world to end.

Local Indian authorities said the 16-year-old girl from Madhya Pradesh drank pesticide and was rushed to the hospital but died later.

Instead of providing their daughter with the tools she needed to think rationally for herself, to be able to reason and make logical decisions, they fill her with mysticism and fear so that the idea of the world POSSIBLY ending is so horrific that it merits suicide. The world MIGHT end, I better off myself and quickly.


Xavier Onassis said...

See, I'm just wired differently.

If I TRULY thought the world was about to end, I'd start fucking.

And I'd keep fucking until I was dead.

That seems to be a much better way to go out than lying in a hospital bed with a belly full of pesticide.

But that's just me. I'm a heathen.

Fiery said...

SAME!!!!! :D

Though I hope when the world's ending there is somebody worth fucking around. Because even at world's ending, not just anybody will do.

But that's just me. I'm finicky.

lol :D

Anonymous said...

XO, it's not just you!

What better way to spend the last moments of your life. Going out with a big smile on your face.

Then again what better way to spend most of your life ;-)

Fiery, I'm sure there must be at least one person that's worth fucking?

I agree, not just anyone would do, they'd have to be at least half good in bed.

ooh, perhaps you could also act all out those fantasies you always never tried. After all this will be your last chance, before being sucked into the big black hole.

But that's just me. I'm strange.

Richard said...

Did someone say Black Holes suck? I knew there was a reason I wasn't a racist!

actualstuff said...

She heard about the doomsday talk from the news. And her family told her not to sweat it.

I think you're reaching here. Reaching for another opportunity to bash religion when it's not even mentioned as being related to her death and the very ones you accuse of doing it to her are the ones who did the opposite of instilling fear.

"In the past two days, Chayya had asked me and other relatives about the world coming to an end on September 10," he told local television in India.

"We tried to divert her attention and told her she should not worry about such things, but to no avail."

I can't see any support for your accusation that her family "filled her with mysticism".

What's truly sad is how someone would use a girls death to play an internet ego stroking game against religion.

Richard said...

Oh no, not "actualstuff/notactualstuff" again! It/he/she is a lurker.

There is no doubt that the irrationality of the religious beliefs used to raise the girl are significant factors in her death. When a child is raised in the constant belief that a SkyFairy manipulates reality, then doomsday scenarios become frighteningly real to her. Heck, they certainly effected me!

Many relgionists maintain a two sided view of life. One is church-going God-is-watching Armageddon-to-come BS, and the other is, day-to-day living requires a certain separate focus. This girl had not matured enough to accept the latter as, at least partly, legitimate. She took the doomsday scenario as equivalent to Armageddon and did herself in.

Further, serious blind faith such as many relgionists rely on, to explain their existence, actions and morals, leaves them open to suggestions that at root are not rational. This is why many people in their late teens and early twenties start looking for other meanings to their lives, and dabble in all sorts of mystical gobbledygook.

When one raises a child, a part of that responsibility is to teach them in rational thinking. Not only do religious families largely default on that, but so does the public education systems of many Western nations. The result is a slide to cultural insanity... with consequences ranging to wrecked economies, crime and violence, thuggery passed off as negotiation (unions etc.), dictatorial legislation, group 'warfare' and so on. These things begin on an individual level, until they grow in number enough to be considered cultural. Yes, her parents are indeed to blame in substantial degree.

Christianity is Islamism-Lite. If God was real, aliens would also 'find' Jesus.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

I think there is more to the story than meets the eye. Pesticide drinking defies logic, very painful death, why didnt she opt for the actual end of the world she allegedly thought was going to happen.

Media at the time of the start up of the LHC made a huge deal of it, religionists jumped on the bandwagon when someone mentioned the 'god particle' so of course they all went apeshit..duh!

The end of the world didnt happen, the girl drank pesticide for whatever unproven reason, and lurkers like actuallystuffit would like us to feel bad about it!

I for one dont believe everything I read like actuallystuffit (i.e.I'm going to make myself look like a fuckwit:) apparently has, in fact I believe hardly anything i read in the press these days, and i dont think we'll ever get the true gist of why the girl did it, but i would bet my bottom dollar it wasnt just because of sketchy news of the LHC start up!

Mysticism in India is a way of life, so I would agree with Fiery that this girls head had been seriously messed with from an early age, logic never entered into it and she was probably totally uneducated.

Richard said...

TTEyes, I have to agree with your comment, though not quite as far as my bottom dollar. However, two wordings popped up my fisking antennae. So, more in fun than in any serious disagreement....

Second sentence:
"Pesticide drinking defies logic"

Last sentence:
"Mysticism in India is a way of life, ... this girls head had been seriously messed with from an early age, logic never entered into it and she was probably totally uneducated.

Are we to imagine "logic" would be at play anywhere in that girl's mind and/or her cultural existence?

The idea that the LHC would end our existence with a "black hole" event is probably incidental to her suicide (see #6 below).

Of course, that means the irrational culture and religious crap is all the MORE responsible. We should consider other possible scenarios.

Here's my Letterman "Top Ten List of possible scenarios (be sure to check out the links!):

1. She wasn’t the favorite daughter.
2. She had an undiagnosed mental illness.
3. She was betrothed to the son of a family who plan to set fire to her, to get another wife with a bigger diary? Which is worse, pesticide poisoning or burning to death?
4. It was her turn to feed the monkeys her parents worship.
5. Her uncle had been 'busy' with her for years and she grasped his perfidy.
6. The LHC story was confabulated by her violent parents (‘busy’ father?)
7. Her parents worship rats and....
8. She learned her boyfriend was a Musahar** and...
9. She could not eat &/or hated rats, or...

10. She was pregnant by #5, #6 and/or #8

** Notice how mind-numbing the music is. That is not an accidental & interesting feature of the Hindu culture, it reflects its overall sense of and approach to life.

The above list exemplify what our multicultural academics insist —through such high tech media as the Internet— are just as good as or better than Western Culture! Here's the result (note the vest).

Richard said...
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Richard said...

I came back, and noticed that I had typed "diary", when I meant "dowry"

I rather think that a bride's diary is not something one incinerates her for... unless it's in Hollywood ;-)