Friday, September 26, 2008

Ninja Cat

Cats were once considered the familiars of witches and tools of satan and were persecuted as such in horifically torturous ways.

Cats came under suspicion for a variety of reasons. Unlike dogs, they did not behave subserviently toward humans. This was considered unnatural, because it violated the biblical view that humans should have dominion over animals. Also, cats were very active at night and engaged in loud, raucous mating rituals. Though cats had always behaved in this manner, to the superstitious minds of the Middle Ages, cats were practicing supernatural powers and witchcraft. Most accused witches were older peasant women who lived alone, often keeping cats as pets for companionship. This guilt by association meant that roughly a million cats were burned at the stake, along with their owners, on suspicion of being witches.

Just another example of the loving hand of god at work through the Catholic Church.

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Half rabbit said...

That was a brilliant video. I love it