Monday, November 19, 2007

St. Nick's visit to MN

A great big thank you to Protium & Thump Thump Eyes for the nicest, most personal Christmas gift I think I have ever received.

First out of the air mail pouch... "Let's Talk Strine/Nose Tone Unturned" by Afferbeck Lauder a book dedicated to the exploration of the vagaries of the Aussie vernacular. It is set up as a reference book so when an Aussie says, "The air fridge fundy is an idiot."

One can flip through the book and reference the entry for

Air Fridge- A mean sum or quantity; also: ordinary, not extreme. As in: The air fridge person, the air fridge man on the street.

Now I'm thinking, "Yep, the air fridge fundy is an idiot."

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Actually had me laughing out loud within the first 5 seconds of opening it. Not a book to just plop down and read cover to cover, but to pick up at random and savor.

The second item to tip from the pouch was a home made dvd and on the case was written...."Fiery read the text file XX"

And I'm thinking AUSSIE PORN!!!!!! *snerk* And I'm dancing around the room, WOOHOOING waving it in the air, frantically trying to get my dvd drive open at the same time so I can see how the Aussies do it down under when I discover.....It was actually something even better!!!!

A whole collection of stuff put together for me by my dear big brother and his lovely wife. Two home videos (a tour of where they live and the surrounding area), some AFA Forum newsletters, and a whole heap of atheist mp3 podcasts.

Awesome. Just AWESOME!!!

Thank you both ever so very VERY much!!!!!


Protium said...

It was reward enough just to read that reaction :)

Hope you enjoy our little video and sorry about the spag-bol stains on the book.

Fiery said...

The videos were completely WONDERFUL!!!!! Loved them both, can't wait to share them with my two young ones tomorrow. It's important for them to get to know family. :-D

You mentioned the spag-bol stains from the very begining, and I googled it straight off and it is either stew or a spaghetti dish depending on the number of "l"s used in bol(l). The only stain I see is a green paintish lookin' thing on the front cover and all I can say is, "Y'all make stews different down under, know what I mean? Stew shouldn't be green! And only a kiwi would make spaghetti with green tomatoes!"


Protium said...

I was proud I got through the whole thing without swearing, farting or showing any rude bits, so it is kiddy safe :)

ha ha... I see there is a spag bol website.

Fiery said...

Family members do not have rude bits. Once you become family everyone looks like their respective Barbie or Ken doll.

Oh, and spag bol is my son's all time favorite meal ever. He wants it for Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday and will probably be really disappointed if we don't have it. Not sure it will go well with the bean casserole my daughter wants, the apple pie I want, and the vanilla ice cream he wants as well. lol

Thump Thump Eyes said...

So glad it arrived safely, and that you liked the guided tours:)and I loved your reaction tooooo...made it all worth it, so it wasnt just an Air Fridge day :-D

And, oh, that green stuff was something we WONT talk about!