Saturday, November 17, 2007

she's baaaaack!!!!! :-)

Hi All!

Looks like things are fairly quiet around here, and I don't blame you a bit, not been much new going up recently. Will have to do something about that.

It was a good trip, great to see my folks again. Mama Ewok is suffering a bit from depression after 7 months of chronic pain, and I don't blame her. Hopefully her doctor will prescribe something to help her through. The trip down was a glorious fall day which I was unable to capture as my rechareable batteries, I discovered 3 minutes into the trip, are bunk. *grrrrrrrr*

So this morning I spent $5.50 on 4 AA batteries at the gas station and now my camera is good to go for a bunch of pictures and maybe a few movies. *rolls eyes*

Camera eat batteries like Cookie Monster eat oreos.

Where yesterday was a beautiful fall day with gorgeous blue skies, this was what awaited me on the road today.

Yes it's true, fall is pretty much over and I sort of didn't get my yard raked of leaves. I wonder if that will be a problem come spring? I really must get the kids' bikes put away as well. oops.

Not bad for snaps taken one-handed while driving 70 miles per hour down a North Dakota highway. :-) It's not a hill, the prairie is flat, it was an over the shoulder shot.

This was the one break in the clouds looking north and lasted about 15 minutes. In the winter, one searches for the blue sky like the ear perks at the sound of your name whispered around a corner.

The kids are thrilled to be reunited, they both missed each other a great deal. I'm so glad they get along so well with each other.


Protium said...

Glad your back safe Sis...

Oh... and your driving on the wrong side of the road. *SNERK*[© Fiery]

Doctors and depression scare me. I went to a doctor years ago and got put on some wild antidepressant for anxiety. Made me feel good and I worked through it but was then told I'll need to take it for the rest of my life! WTF?

I stopped it cold turkey and all was cool until I went for income insurance for our business and got knocked back because I'd taken antidepressants in the past...

Doctors never tell you the important shit...

Fiery said...

Thanks for the welcome back big brother!

As to my driving.... I will have you know I AM driving on the RIGHT side of the road so THERE! :P

Plus- who says I wasn't passing?

As for doctors- *shudders* I avoid them for as long as absolutely possible. Quaks and fakers more interested in serving the pharmaceutical companies than caring for patients. Only taught to use drugs or surgery.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Glad you're back safe and sound Fiery, and I loved those pics!! I have no idea what kind of winter you have but that was looking pretty chilly around there?

That was a great shot you took over your shoulder, quite the classic landscape pic:)

Laughed at the image of your ear perking around the corner, but got your point:-D And I was so busy looking around that I didnt even notice you were driving on the wrong side of the road haha!!

Hope your Mum gets through without having to resort to anti depressants, I dont think they help in the long run, I seem to know an awful lot of people who take them, which means the doctors dole them out for just about anything now!! Yes, sadly its a lot about money!

Fiery said...

TTEyes! :-D

The day indeed was chilly, mostly in its unexpected arrival as the day before was beautiful. Come February it will be considered a heat wave and laughed off as a beautiful day to get out of the house, go for a walk with the kids, build a snowfort, etc...

I'll have to keep taking cold day shots so you can see life here in Minnesota in the winter. In fact I might just put a pic up on the side of my blog for "current" conditions.

Mum's been on anti-depressants before and says she's had good luck with them. If that's what she needs to get through this, I'm all for it. Me, I stay as far from quacks as I possibly can.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

The current conditions pic is a great idea, especially for us in Australia as we are gearing up for a hot hot summer, and looking at all that snow that you're gonna get will at least cool down my eyes..thump thump:-D

Thats great that your Mum can take them and then stop.
I do know people who really cant get off them after having taken them for years. At the first try of weaning off they have all sorts of strange night sweats, nightmares and other nasty symptoms of withdrawal, so much so that they get that dose back up quick smart and probably will never stop!