Saturday, November 24, 2007

Know Thy Limits

It would take 7 Long Island Iced Teas to kill me


evolveintobirds said... kill rate is ridiculous. It says it would take 27 maritini's to kill me. Who can drink that many??!! Besides...I'm drunk after a pair of doubles anyhow. I tried the link to the "death by caffeine" calculator and it was something like 207 espresso shots to kill me there.

I like your blog, btw. I homeschool two of my three, as well. *crawls back to lurkdom*

Fiery said...

Hello EvolveIntoBirds!!!! Thanks for poking your head up. It is always a wonderful surprise for me when someone says they've been reading my blog. Makes me want to peer around corners, peek behind the couch, stand up really fast and look behind my laptop and see who else is about.

As for 27 martini's. Good grief! How many trips to the bathroom would that be? Can a person consume that much fluid of whatever type? Seems like a lot to me.

For me, one LIT on an empty stoamch, another with the meal and if I'm really feeling frisky a 3rd for desert. By that time I've nursed the buzz along enough to be silly for a couple of hours afterwards. WOOHOO!!!!!

T&A said...

27 shots of Scotch Whisky in three hours. (1 Litre)

I used to drink almost that much(750 ml) when I would tie one on! Plus beer mixed in! I'm so lucky to be alive! Mind you, this was usually over the course of a 8-10 hours. But yikes! And yes there were a lot of trips to the toilet...

Poodles said...

25 Rum and Cokes! I would probably pee it as fast as I drank it.

Fiery said...

27 martini's, 27 shots of scotch, 25 rum and cokes.

But only 7 LITs I'm either the biggest wuss ever or I drink the most powerful beverage on the planet! WOOHOOO!!!!!

T&A said...

There are 35 shots in 7 LIts. You have the rest of us beat! ;)

Fiery said...

I knew there was a reason why the glass was so tall!!!

YAY LITs!!!! :-D

That would also explain why I can do an impersonation of a dragon when I exhale on a match after 3 of them!