Thursday, February 12, 2009

Proof Ben Stein is dumb

I really do want to think the best of people. When I meet someone new I usually think that they are a lot like me, so when they ask questions, I expect that they really want an answer. That they really mean what they say and they really are looking for someone to step up and say, without sarcasm, "Oh, you want to know about that? Well let's look into that together shall we?"

HumbleHumanity said...
When did you determine that Ben Stein was dumb?

And I want so much for him to be genuine. I want him to actually want to know what is wrong with Ben Stein's movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed". I want to say to Humble Humanity in a very sincere voice, "Do you really want to know? Because I've found some great information out there. In fact, learning about what's wrong with that "documentary" has opened my eyes to a HUGE source of incredible information that I had no idea existed so accessibly."

And I would be thinking to myself, "Please oh please mean what you say. Let's learn about this together. It is so exciting. The information is so fascinating and eye opening and interesting and COME ON!!! Let's learn together!!!!!"

So I ask you, Humble Humanity, did you mean the question the way I want you to mean the question? Do you REALLY want to know why I called Ben Stein dumb? Please, oh please make my entire YEAR and say that you do want to learn!!!

I would love for you to click on this playlist and watch the entire thing. Beginning to end. As time allows. But it is a huge time commitment. So I'm starting with some easy alternatives. Hopefully to whet your appetite.

Did you watch that Humble Humanity? The whole thing? With your fingers NOT in your ears? And your mind not closed in terror by eternal hell fire? Did you?

Then you have an inkling of what's wrong with Ben Stein's movie. But let's not watch just take Thunderf00t's word for it.

This movie takes a look at several different points raised in Stein's movie.

You watched it, right?!?

Tell me that these movies raised questions in your mind. That you want to learn more about what they say and why. Please oh please!!!! If so, then give the playlist link a go.

Hope springs eternal.


Richard said...

Ben Stein is NOT dumb. That is just way too kind!! Ben Stein is deliberately dishonest.

I strongly believe that every religious mind is, on final analysis, DISHONEST.

Some adopt their dishonesty early, as children in Sunday School. Over the years, their dishonesty is long forgotten, but their path continues. They will work, in their own minds, to protect that path. They accept whatever arguments happen to appeal to them, in support of the nonsense they first chose to accept.

Some are convinced that the beauty and perfection of the world (banana's are a perfect food god made for Man). They mistakenly think that is "evidence". They, you may suggest, are just impressed by the complexity of the World and have misinterpreted it. Yet, to do so they have had to ignore the thousands of discoveries of science that categorically demonstrate that the physical laws of Nature, with no intervention by a god, make those things so. That denial IS dishonesty.

Honesty is the recognition that the UNreal IS UNreal.

Ben Stein's mind is willfully irrational, not just in that, but in the dishonest manner by which Expelled was produced. God is UNreal. Creationism is UNreal.

So spricht der HERR said...

What is the transcendent standard you use to determine what is and is not "dumb"?

Logic, right? Transcendent logic that just finds it's own transcendence within in it's own... transcendence? It's logical because it is logically logical because logic is transcendent and hence, objectively logic... makes perfect sense, right? Atheists have it all figured out...
Not really... most are just as illogical as the ones they claim to be superior to.

Richard said...

There is nothing transcendent about logic and reason.

SSdH identifies himself as a Canadian Student whose favorite book is "The Bible". Another Fundy who has pulled "the religious blanket of blindness" over his own eyes.

When a man operates that way, he would have to consider logic to be just as "transcendent" as his imaginary god. Otherwise he would have to face the inconvenience of reality logic and reason demand.

My Goodness, Fiery, you sure do attract 'em! ...drop after drop of slime flung from the Dark Ages, each wishing for their return.