Saturday, February 21, 2009

Islam is Fucked Up Part 11

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Muzzammil Hassan, the founder of an upstate New York TV station, aimed at countering Muslim stereotypes has been arrested on suspicion of killing his wife, who was beheaded, authorities said.


His wife filed for divorce February 6, and police had responded to several domestic violence calls at the couple's home, Benz said.


Muzzammil Hassan launched Bridges TV, billed as the first English-language cable channel targeting Muslims inside the United States, in 2004. At the time, Hassan said he hoped the network would balance negative portrayals of Muslims following the attacks of September 11, 2001.


Wanting to counter Muslim stereotypes
+ killing your wife
= FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


uzza said...

At least we can all rest easy because he wasn't a Muslim Terrorist, and this wasn't an Act of Terrorism or anything serious like that. Sure, this woman was terrorized and finally murdered, but ... uhhh ... but, ... something.

Fiery said...

Uzza- Yeah! Praise Allah he wasn't a Terrorist. Otherwise he might have blown up his own tv station.

He was just a regular Muslim going about his life working at trying to counter Muslim stereotypes.

If his wife hadn't stepped out of line, if she hadn't needed so desperately to be put into her place. Who is she to defy the will of Allah and her husband. Divorce. Calling unbelievers to their house. Obviously she had it coming.

:( Sad isn't it. *shakes head*

Richard said...

It's wrong for many reasons, but I have this desire that he should be beheaded with a kitchen knife. On the other hand, the following might be better.

Penalties for violent crimes should, at least, be doubled without parole.

Prisoners should be required to work productively, for low pay. The things they produce would be sold 'outside'. The prisoner's earnings would be garnished to pay for the maintenance of the prison and for their being guarded. Only then may they use their remaining earnings for food, clothing, laundry etc.

It occurs to me that they might also pay back those they have harmed or owe a debt, again by garnishing their earnings.

I imagine their are hundreds of things they could safely make, and have sold on the outside.
What they make might depend on how well behaved they are, and how much supervision they must pay for.

It would be great if their work could produce enough for them to leave prison with savings. They could use their savings to get started in the real world. They may find the real world a lot easier to live in.