Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Macaroni has left the building

According to Makarios' comment to Richard in this post at 1:07pm Tuesday Feb. 10th, "Look, you can keep on posting here for the benefit of mankind if you wish but I’m not even reading beyond this point."

If you want to see if he does indeed ever read my blog again, keep an eye on the Feedjit widgit in the sidebar. Makarios aka Macaroni lives in Warman, Saskatchewan and even as I am typing this and went to my blog to copy paste his info from the sidebar..... HE SHOWED UP AGAIN!!!!

He couldn't keep his promise to "not read beyond this point" for even 3.5 hours.


Traceytreasure said...

You are extremely likeable and your posts rock!


Traceytreasure said...

Wait, I figured it out....He's just a truth seeker like me!!


Fiery said...

Unfortunately for Macaroni, he isn't searching for the truth. He already knows "the Truth" and is blind to all else. It's sad really.

Anonymous said...

Macaroni is such a loser. I will forever picture Makarios as that first picture of the wailing baby.

Fiery said...

Macaroni showed up at 8:40pm as well.



Thump Thump Eyes said...

Yep the wailing baby is my image of him too....poor little makarios needs his mumma, the awful man on the intertubes is being nasty to him!

:-D what a doozie!!

uzza said...

I tried to figure out how you got infested with this virus, suckered myself into leaving a comment on his blog. He responded by saying his own behavior here was disgusting. Huh?
barking batshit crazy, but your response is classic.

Fiery said...

Uzza- lol That doesn't genuinely surprise you though, does it?

Just wonder how often he'll show up back here again to see if we're still discussing him.

Had a squiz at his blog to find your comment, and his post on how "we're right, the atheists are wrong and we (the christians) have science on our side." ROFLCOPTER!!!!!! Can you get any more deluded than that?

Yep- barking mad.

Johnny said...

It is because he is a Malakas in every sense of the word!!

Bigups to you though Fiery mate you absolutely predicted this behaviour ages ago :D

Good work on the vernacular too! I've had a squiz at his stinking blog too hahahah

Richard said...

Lovely!!! Well done Fiery.

Sometimes I enjoyed trying to get the proper explanations out. Sometimes it was just bloody good Catharsis.

Screaming baby is gorgeous.

And he had to come back too!!!!
"Barking Batshit" indeed.


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