Friday, February 20, 2009

I ain't in Minnesota, I assure you

Had a curious item show up on my feedjit sidebar so I decided to look into it. The Kansas City Free Thought forum has a blog post that consists of a headline saying, "An area atheist homeschooler has some words for Muslims..." and a link to my blog article about how fucked up Islam is #10- the one about the woman who set up 80 women to be raped, ya da ya da you know the one.

The first commenter says, "First, the lady is from Minnesota -- unless you consider the entire upper Midwest of the USA our "area", I don't think your categorization of her location is apt."

The "author" of the post replied, "First, she ain't in Minnesota, of that I assure you!"


I wonder where he thinks I'm from???

Because I could swear that I'm sitting on the end of my bed, cross legged, in front of my lap top, in my bedroom, in my house.... in Minnesota.

But maybe I'm delusional.


If anybody knows where I'm really at, could you please let me know? I only ask because it will change the route I take next time to visit my folks in Montana.

"First, she ain't in Minnesota, of that I assure you!" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

I wonder where he comes by his information and his absolute certainty... I know. The bible told him. Or maybe the Koran. Who knew the phoenix lived with dinosaurs during the time of jebus and mohammered?

6 comments: said...

The poster is a well known Christian Troll Goldstein, Andrew, AdamH, Blair, Wilson, James Christensen, Diana Christensen, Anti-Atheist, Basement Activist, Will Graham, A Theist, Eddie, Grady, etc.

He lives in Kansas City and his father appears to be an attorney and mother a speech therapist.

Son/father team have been trolling the net for years with their delusional Christian rants and have been banned at every imaginable blog on science, evolution.

Do a quick search online for "goldstein who ya kiddin atheist" and you will come across dozens of posts by this character (s)

They both have been using a plethora of names online and also used the name of their mother/wife in different variations and sites including Kansas City Star blog.

When I started doing investigation into the troll Diana contacted KCFreeThinkers with several voicemails and said that she had nothing to do with the posts.

There have been posts of othes online that tracked IP address of these trolls to the same location and also that this person (s) posted on Craig's List suicide help section encouraging people to commit suicide.

The son/father are Christian. The son appears to have some mental problems - check out comments on this blog -, you will see what I mean. said...

This Christian troll further more should be stoned according to Xian traditions for cursing his father and mother -

He has been posting his non sensical blabber at this blog


* Gender: Male
* Industry: Student
* Occupation: Student Center Activist
* Location: Afghanistan

About Me

As an activist, I am a sixies style agitator and pamphleteer in the best tradition of my hippie parents, who have long sold out and become professionals.

If most scientists are atheists, as Richard Dawkins claims, why have they filled the world with nuclear weapons?

* The intersection of science and religion.

Favorite Movies

* Dr. Zhivago
* 1984
* Blade Runner
* Dr. Strangelove
* Failsafe
* Defcon 4
* and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Fiery said...

KFC- :) HAHAHA!! Yep, "Andrew" has been on my blog once. Seemed to think that not liking Christianity meant not liking "BLACKS" or "JEWS".

He also posted the same comment on the blog of a friend of mine, XO.

No worries, we know how to treat trolls around here. In fact, several of my readers love a good troll baiting. Though he doesn't look like an interesting troll, just one leaving behind a slimey trail as he oozes his way through the blogosphere.

Thanks for the update! :) Hope to see you again some time! :)

Fiery said...

Oh jeez. I totally flipped the letters of KCF into KFC. It was not intended as an insult, just a bit of dyslexia popping in.

Here I was thinking I was being all clever and then I flipped 'em. *sigh*

You should see me on twitter. XO, aforementioned blog friend, had the most heinous twitter name. He'd used his zipcode for part of it and I could NEVER get that stupid zero in the right place.

*shakes head*

He was very kind and changed it to all letters. Apparently I'm lucky they weren't the initials for a restaurant. LOL!!!!!!

Poodles said...

MMMM KFC, me wants some chicken!

I bet I know where you live... :)

Protium the Heathen said...

Finger lickin good ;)