Thursday, February 12, 2009

the atheist's nightmare

I've seen several debunking's of Ray Cuntfort's idiocy with the banana, but this video is the absolute crowning glory of pisstakery. Done by a 19 year old Pom- ThetaOmega.

Sleep well fellow atheists.
If you can.

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Johnny said...

Hi Fiery,
just wanted to say really really really good on you for the link on your page to help with our bushfire crisis, this last week has been really dreadful, whole towns have been wiped out and they are talking maybe over 300+ lives lost, whole families have been killed and whole communities destroyed, it is absolutely utterly heartbreaking. Any donations would be awesome.
The fires are still raging all across the state, the worst part is the weather is going to get worse next week.